Napoleon: Total War

Finally! We can now whisper in Bonaparte’s ear on the morning of the Battle of Waterloo and say “Don’t trust Grouchy!” Sega’s “Napoleon: Total War” comes out in Feb 2010 and let’s us take command at all of the major battles of Napoleon’s career.

I’m in discussions with Sega to arrange one of the programming leads on the game as a guest on the show! The only shame is – the game doesn’t run on Mac!

Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon: The Greatest Movie Never Made

This could well be the ultimate Napoleon geek gift this year!

TASCHEN releases ten books in one tell the fascinating tale of Kubrick’s unfilmed masterpiece!

Tucked inside of a carved-out book, all the elements from Stanley Kubrick’s archives that readers need to imagine what his unmade film about the emperor might have been like, including a facsimile of the script. This collector’s edition is limited to 1,000 numbered copies.

For 40 years, Kubrick fans and film buffs have wondered about the director’s mysterious unmade film on Napoleon Bonaparte. Slated for production immediately following the release of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Kubrick’s “Napoleon” was to be at once a character study and a sweeping epic, replete with grandiose battle scenes featuring thousands of extras. To write his original screenplay, Kubrick embarked on two years of intensive research; with the help of dozens of assistants and an Oxford Napoleon specialist, he amassed an unparalleled trove of research and preproduction material, including approximately 15,000 location scouting photographs and 17,000 slides of Napoleonic imagery. No stone was left unturned in Kubrick’s nearly-obsessive quest to uncover every piece of information history had to offer about Napoleon. But alas, Kubrick’s movie was not destined to be: the film studios, first M.G.M. and then United Artists, decided such an undertaking was too risky at a time when historical epics were out of fashion.

TASCHEN’s sumptuous, limited-edition tribute to this unmade masterpiece makes Kubrick’s valiant work on “Napoleon” available to fans for the first time. Herein, readers can peruse a selection of Kubrick’s correspondence, various costume studies, location scouting photographs, research material, script drafts, and more, each category of material in its own book. Kubrick’s final draft is reproduced in facsimile while the other texts are tidily kenneled into one volume where they dare not interfere with the visual material. All of these books are tucked inside of—or shall we say hiding in?—a carved-out reproduction of a Napoleon history book.

The text book features the complete original treatment, essays examining the screenplay in historical and dramatic contexts, an essay by Jean Tulard on Napoleon in cinema, and a transcript of interviews Kubrick conducted with Oxford professor Felix Markham. The culmination of years of research and preparation, this unique publication offers readers a chance to experience the creative process of one of cinema’s greatest talents as well as a fascinating exploration of the enigmatic figure that was Napoleon Bonaparte.

*Includes exclusive access to searchable/downloadable online research database: Kubrick’s complete picture file of nearly 17,000 Napoleonic images*

(Images via TASCHEN)

Dr Philip Dwyer on ABC Radio

Hey folks, apologies for the silence here over the last few months. I can assure you that more episodes are on the way! It’s just been an incredibly busy time for David and I.

Here’s something you might find interesting: Australian Napoleonic scholar, Dr Philip Dwyer, author of Napoleon: The Path To Power 1769-1799, recently appeared on ABC radio in Australia discussing Napoleon. You can listen to it here. Nothing new in it for those of you who have listened to the series (it’s mostly about the common misconceptions people have about Napoleon), but it’s interesting nonetheless and there’s a quiz on the ABC site that you can take to see how much you really know about Napoleon. Try taking the quiz BEFORE you listen to the interview! (I got 8 out of 8.)

David and I will be back with new episodes soon!

Napoleon rides again

Waterloo re-enactment
Photo:Dominique Faget/AFP

From AFP:

French lawyer Franck Samson, dressed as Napoleon, takes part with some 1,200 history enthusiasts from 20 European countries in the reeanactment of the battle of Waterloo. On June 18, 1815, Napoleon led his 72,000-strong army into battle with 120,000 mostly British and Prussian soldiers on the gently rolling plateau of Waterloo.

More story here.

If anyone knows how to reach Monsieur Samson, please let me know, as I’d love to invite him onto the show.

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Inside a First Empire Style Mansion

Remember our recent guest Michael Kroger who told us about his Melbourne mansion decorated in 1st Empire style? Well he emailed us today to say he has put it up for sale and if you are quick you can see some amazing photos of the interior here. It is truly amazing and I’m sure it will make David sick to his stomach with jealousy. Speaking of David, I’d like to congratulate him and Barbara on their 26th wedding anniversary which I believe they are celebrating this Thursday! 26 years… wow. All the more amazing when you realize they are both only in their early 30s…..

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