The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast was one of the first history podcast series ever produced. Over 4 years (2006 – 2009) we produced 59 episodes incorporating 100+ hours of content that spans the life and career of one of history’s most fascinating characters.

The archive of the show remains online and you can continue to listen to the first 19 episodes for free to give you a taste of the show.

If you enjoy the show and want to listen to the last 41 episodes, we ask that you register to become a member for a once-off fee of $10 which gives you access to the entire archive.

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You can listen to the first 19 episodes of the series either in your browser or subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher or add the RSS feed to the podcast player of your choice. You can also listen in your browser. Start here at the first episode or scroll through our podcast category.

Listen To The Last 41 Episodes

If you would like to access the premium podcasts (episode #20 – #60), please register to become a member. It involves a once-off $10 fee which gives you access to the entire Napoleon archives.


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