December 23, 2009 cameron

Updating the Theme

Hey folks, I’m updating the Napoleon site to the new theme, so it’s going to look wonky for a couple of days while I tweak things. Don’t panic!


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  1. Mathias

    not sure this is entirely the appropriate way to do it, but I have some feedback on your layout I’d like to get off my chest:

    I have a really hard time navigating this page. Basically I feel confused about which elements on the page are directly relevant to the show and how to get to the last post before the one I’m currently viewing.

    Now mind you I’m not saying you need a PhD to figure this out, just that in my case it takes enough time and navigation is enough of a pain to significantly up my frustration level.

    I find that there isn’t enough separation between show-items (i.e. the “highlights” seciton at the top of this page), the ads further down on the right and the navbar (“home”, “politics and society” etc) further down. To me, it doesn’t seem to follow any hierarchical structure nor do I find it intuitive to get an easy overview over which podcast episode was before the current one etc.

    I’ve been trying to find an example for a blog/podcast page that I fing simple yet intuitive, but none have stuck out so far; that is to say they’re fine, just that I wouldn’t pick any of them as exemplary.

    Now I’m only saying this because I believe you put a lot of great work into the content of this show and I for one think you’re letting yourself down with the layout and accessibility of the page.

    So, great job on the podcast, is what I’m also trying to get across here.

    PS: I’m using Mac OS 10.5 and Firefox for this, so maybe that’s an issue, although I hope not

    • Cameron

      Hey Mathias

      thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. Always looking for ways to improve it, so if you have any further thoughts, please let me know.


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