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J. David Markham:
An internationally acclaimed historian, Napoleonic scholar and award-winning author. For over twenty years he has written and lectured about Napoleon and other historical topics. His other interests include Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar/Ancient Rome, and the French Revolution. He and his wife, Edna, live in Toronto, Canada. David has taught history and other subjects at the university, college and high school levels, and has received numerous teaching awards and recognitions. Since 2008 he has been the President of the International Napoleon Society. From 1996 – 2008, he was the Executive Vice-President and Editor-in-Chief. In that capacity, he has produced a series of International Napoleonic Congresses in Europe, the Middle East and Asia and edited two editions of the journal, Napoleonic Scholarship. David served as President of the Napoleonic Alliance from 2004-2007, and as Executive Vice-President for some years before his terms as president. A collector of some note, he has one of the world’s finest private collections of Napoleonic snuffboxes, as well as a significant collection of miniatures and engravings.

Cameron Reilly:
A Napoleon enthusiast for 30 years, Cameron is the Founder and CEO of The Podcast Network, the world’s first podcasting business. He is also the director of Motherlode, a marketing consulting firm in Brisbane, Australia and the writer/director of Marketing The Messiah, a documentary about early Christianity.

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  1. Dean Burke

    Hi Cameron,

    Came across your Napoleons pod cast last summer. I am thoroughly enjoying them. Although I am only just up to Waterloo. I am throwing out a suggestion for an episode. I think that it would be interesting to talk about the Confederation of the Rhine, the major players, their motives, their military performances, and discussion around the foundation of German nationalism, and how this impacted later towards the unification of Germany.

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