October 9, 2009 cameron

Napoleon’s Hat On Display in Orange County

According to the LA Times, one of Napoleon’s surviving hats is going on display in Orange County.

In another LA Times story, art commissioned by Napoleon was destroyed when some rich guy’s house burned down.


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  1. Will

    I thought everyone here might find this interesting. A Podcast published by the London School of Economics regarding the aftermath of Napoleons invasion of Russia.

    The name of the Lecture/Podcast is

    The Tsar Liberates Europe? Russia against Napoleon, 1807 – 1814


    It explains:

    “In 1812-14 Alexander I defeated Napoleon’s invasion of Russia and then created and led a European alliance all the way to Paris. This lecture explains why and how he did this. It discusses Russian grand strategy, diplomacy and espionage, as well as the tsarist military machine, and the mobilisation of the home front. In both Western and Russian historiography the Russian achievement in 1813-14 is greatly underestimated, which seriously distorts understanding of European power politics and the causes of Napoleon’s demise. The lecture explains this underestimate partly as a legacy of Leo Tolstoy but also because while 1812 was traditionally seen by Russians as a national war, the victories of 1813-14 were interpreted as the triumph of the dynasty and empire.”

  2. What a fascinating podcast. I was particularly interested in the bit about the espionage carried out by the Russians prior to 1812. It seems that they were well aware of his plans to invade a long time in advance. That really puts a whole new light on events for me. I had always assumed that the Russians worked out their scorched earth policy as they went along.

  3. Spencer

    I will definatly look at that podcast, seems worth it from what every one around is saying, I will need it so it can help with my screenplay called: Napoleon. which is about the life of Napoleon from birth to death. It is only 55 pages at this point but It’s coming across nicly.

    I hope to have the chance to be on this exstrodinary fun and factfillead Podcast and talk about my film, what inspired in and much more!

    So guys if you are reading this—You would definatly want to get in on this while it’s just begining!

  4. Bogbar

    That is a nice hat, I wonder if it is in my size? I would wear it.

    The screenplay sounds pretty cool, Spencer. Best of luck to you!

    I will have to check this podcast regarding Russian spies in the nearby future, it seems pretty neat.

  5. Jack Price

    Does anyone know what the decoration is on the left side of Napoleon’s hat. I see it in all the depictions.

    Jack Price

  6. Kevin

    Will check this one out. I have been checking itunes for a new podcast desperately, but nothing since June. Are there more? Has David and co commenced a new podcast that I need to know about. I am missing it.

  7. Ernesto

    Sorry Will beat me to it. The LSE podcast is excellent even with the last couple of minutes missing.

    The author should be worth at least a couple of hours of interview.

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