Who was Napoleon Bonaparte? Why have more books been written about this man than anyone else in history apart from perhaps Jesus Christ? And why are so many people around the world fascinated with his story? Was he a tyrant? Was he, as Chateaubriand said, “mightiest breath of life which ever animated human clay”?

This podcast intends to provide two opinions on those questions while stepping you through the life of this very complex and divisive man.

“THE NAPOLEON BONAPARTE PODCAST” is a structured educational podcast lasting over 60 hour-long episodes, each covering a particular period of Napoleon’s life and career.

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  1. I’ve followed this series from the very beginning as it evolved and can’t recommend it enough.

    I thought Napoleon was was akin to Hitler but that was just because of my Australian/British history lessons. This series has shown me the difference and revealed the greatness of the man.

    Take your time, listen and enjoy the banter. You’ll be amazed at what you learn.

  2. Rasita Ramsaran

    Hey guys! This is amazing! Can’t wait to get stuck into it! I absolutely adore Napoleon and love the Napoleonic era 🙂

  3. Blaise Floyd

    This has been one of the greatest things I’ve ever listened to. I have just finished the 9th episode and I’m very happy you guys did this. Thank you very much.

  4. Gopal Peddinti

    It’s a wonderful show. I like the conversational style and clarity speech, and the way the material is presented. Thanks a lot for doing it.

  5. Andrew

    Finally got round to ordering Napoleon for Dummies now I am looking forward to reading it.

  6. Andrew McD

    Sadly after waiting so long it isn’t in stock anymore. I got a refund but would have preferred the book.

  7. Jeremy Mosley

    Hey guys!

    I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the show over the years. Actually, this podcast inspired me to go to college and get a second bachelor’s degree in history. Presently, I’m in the United States Marine Corps artillery in Chattanooga, TN. I’ve listened to the whole show through about half a dozen times, revisiting it about every year. Great stuff.

    Quick question: Are you two going to get around to finishing up the episodes on Julius Caesar? I really enjoyed the first episode and would like to hear more. Many thanks!


    • Cameron

      Hi Jeremy! Thanks for the message, great to know we’ve had a small influence. JDM & I are always talking about doing a new series, possibly on Caesar, possibly on US history.

  8. Gregg Dexter

    Mr Reilly and Markham, I recently discovered your podcast and was totally enthralled by no.52 with Alex Mikaberidze on the Russian Generals.
    Just not enough info in the west on this subject matter.
    Keep up the great work


  9. RIley Haacke

    Hey there! I’ve been listening to your Napoleon podcast and I love it; I just finished episode eleven! I’ve been listening to it at work and my coworkers think I’m crazy when they walk in on me laughing or cheering while sitting alone in an empty room:)
    Your passion for Napoleonic history is infectious.
    I just bought Napoleon for Dummies and I can’t wait to read it.
    You’re hard work is greatly appreciated. Thank You.

    Riley from Washington.

  10. Malcolm Irving


    Greatly enjoyed your podcast, but any plans to do more? Is this phase over for you and this subject?

    Loved the hostory – many thanks.

    • Cameron

      HI Malcolm, Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed the podcast! We’re talking right now about doing some new episodes and perhaps a new series on another subject. Will hopefully have more news in coming weeks!

  11. Mark Ottley

    Have just listened to this whole thing start to finish over the past few weeks – fantastic! Looking forward to more episodes or another series, thanks!

  12. Claudia

    I recently read that Nap’s bro-in-law, Murat, was one of the assassins of la Princess de Lambelle. Your opinion, please.

    • Cameron

      I’d like to see evidence. AFAIK, the circumstances of de Lambelle’s death are historically murky.

  13. Marc Turnier

    Awesome series guys, just completing my architecture masters at Newcastle University (England) my Thesis Project is all about ‘Masculinity in Architecture’, focusing on Napoleon’s representation in his idealistic portraiture/monuments and how he successfully institutionalised a militarised culture over France. Your podcasts have been very helpful to say the least! Cheers

  14. Vincent Sineau

    Very good podcast, i’ve just discovered it and have become quite hooked to it! I just bought Napoleon for dummies as well. Just a side comment. You start the show with a great version of the Marseillaise, but, if I’m not mistaking, Napoleon banned the song when he became Emperor of the French.

    • Cameron

      Thanks Vincent! Yes you’re right. Napoleon wasn’t a fan. But we used it anyway because it’s awesome.

  15. Tony Linsdell

    Hi Cameron,
    Your Napoleon podcast was the first historical podcast I listened to and it got me hooked. A pity it is now in hiatus. However per your last episode’s request I have an idea for a new Series that I hope you would undertake with David. That would be to do an episode on each of Napoleon’s Marshals. 26 in all I think ?

  16. Mike M

    Ah, how much I lament the loss of your interesting podcast. I have a 22 hour drive coming up, so will happily repast on the older episodes to get my fill. Quality podcasts are tough to find!!!

  17. Allan

    Hi Cameron and David!

    My God, I forgot how wonderful this podcast is. I am listening for the second time and I am finally buying the Dummies book. You guys should be extremely proud of what you have created — it is a marvellous resource.

    Your passion for the topic is infectious.


  18. Cameron, your podcast here with David has sparked an intense fascination for me into all the corners concerning the life and times of Napoleon Bonaparte.
    By the end of the podcast show, when David broke into tears as he talked about the death, funeral and legacy of Napoleon, I too was extremely moved and also very sad to see the show end. That was 3 years ago but to this very day, – I’m very proud to call myself as a ‘Bonapartist’… physically, politically and spiritually.

    • Cameron

      Your comment made my day, MP KFA! Thank you for listening and posting!

  19. Frans Berthels

    Dear Mr.Markham and Mr. Reilly,

    I discovered your podcast sessions only recently and I like to congratulate you for the very interesting and pleasant way you present the Napoleon story. I leave a few 100 meters from the Papelotte farm on the Waterloo battlefield and always had a great interest in the Napoleon saga. Keep up the good work I will continue to follow it. Kind regards

  20. Adam from Mississippi

    To David and Cameron, I have recently discovered the Napoleon podcast and I cant tell you enough how much I enjoy the show. Great job and thanks for doing what you do. Also, Yes please do a show on each of Napoleon’s Marshals and leading Generals. Awesome job.

  21. Adam from Mississippi

    PS….Do either of you have any thoughts on Napoleon Total War? If not, I suggest that yall check it out.

    • Cameron

      Hey Adam, that’s a game, right? I haven’t played it and I doubt David has either. Is it anything like the old Age of Empires? I loved that game.

  22. kevin norman

    iTunes seems to have corrupted episodes 52 and 53 and a few other misc postings. Could you please repair or repost these? I would certainly appreciate it!

  23. Raymond L Copeland

    Hello, David and Cameron. I have listened to every single episode of your Napoleon podcast and loved every one of then. It’s been a couple of years now since I listened to the last one (a very moving presentation by David about Napoleon’s passing on St Helena), and now I’d like to go back and listen again. Unfortunately, the links under ITunes won’t refresh, so I went to your website and registered (gladly paying the small registration fee). However, I am still unable to download any of the older episodes.

    Could you tell me what I’m doing wrong? Perhaps these episodes are available for streaming only and not downloads? That would make it hard to listen as I do most of that in the car while commuting to work.

    Anyway, just want you to know I am one of your biggest fans. What a wonderful job you guys did on this series!

  24. Filip Loncke

    Great podcast – I just discovered it two or three weeks ago and since then it has been my companion early in the morning on my daily jogs.
    I find it fascinating information.
    I am 65 years old and live in Virginia, but I was born and raised in Belgium. One of my earlier memories when I was eight or so was my father taking us to visit the Waterloo.

  25. I’ve followed this series from the very beginning as it evolved and i recommend it…. fo us


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