The Vegas Sessions – Part One

On January 12, Cam, David, and Ray Harris, Cam’s co-host from the Life Of Caesar podcast, sat down in front of a live audience in Las Vegas for 70 minutes to discuss Napoleon, Caesar and Alexander.

The is the video of that session is now available for a measly $9 (US). Register for access here.

Once you’ve registered for access, you will be able to stream it from this site or download it to watch it on your phone, tablet, PC or TV. It’s a ~700 MB download.

Watch “WATERLOO” Online!

waterloo film online napoleon
Rod Steiger.

Christopher Plummer.

Orson Welles.

Sergey Bondarchuk’s 1970 film WATERLOO may have flopped at the box office. It may have killed Stanley Kubrick’s chances of making his own Napoleon film. It may be flawed in many ways. Yet it is also wonderful in many ways. Who can ever forget Steiger as Napoleon saying “I found the crown of France lying in the gutter and I picked it up…. WITH MY SWORD!”

Well now you can watch the entire film on YouTube for free!

Iced Earth – “Waterloo”

One of our listeners, Victor Sheely, sent me a link to this song “Waterloo” by Florida-based heavy metal band Iced Earth. The video uses footage from Bondarchuk’s famous 1971 film “Waterloo” and if you are trying to work out the lyrics, you can find them here. Thanks for the link Victor!

#36 (Video) – The End Of The Empire

Welcome to a very special edition of the Napoleon podcast – now with added video!

When David and I were recording the latest episode of the show yesterday I sprung on him the idea of capturing the video of our skype chat and putting that up as an added version of the show. My smiling mug is missing from this video (I forgot to check “capture picture-in-picture”) but that just means David takes up more of the screen. 🙂

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