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  1. Fraser Andrews

    Top show! I’m doing a history research assignment on Napoleon at the moment and the Napoleon Podcasts have really helped.

  2. Graham Stovold

    Hi Fella’s.
    I downloaded this series as i was thinking of reading a Napoleon biography. I had realised that I knew nothing about the man, but would like to. Amazon was awash with books but found the Podcast and thought i would give it a go….FANTASTIC.. I’ve Just been working my way through the series ( Up to 14 now) and have received my Napoleon book today…need i say more, it was Napoleon for Dummies.. Many Thanks to you guys

    • Cameron

      Hi Graham, glad you’ve discovered our little show! Hope you continue to enjoy it!

  3. Marie-José Bock

    A few weeks ago I discovered your Podcasts. I listen to them in my daily traffic jams…I now enjoy traffic jams and I wish they could last longer 🙂 Thanks to you and M. Markham.Hope you will come in Montreal some day! Cheers.

    • Cameron

      Hi Marie-Jose! Thanks for the note! I believe Mr Markham visits Montreal on a regular basis!

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