Napoleon’s personality stirs interest even after his death

“Coming as a bombshell was another suggestion by historian Bruno Roy-Henry that Napoleon’s ashes had never reached France in 1840 and that someone else was buried in his tomb. According to this version, the emperor’s remains were hidden by the English back in the 19th century, with their whereabouts still unknown.”


Napoleon’s personality stirs interest even after his death: Voice of Russia.

A First-Hand Account Of The Exhumation of Napoleon’s Corpse

This is an excerpt from “The Exhumation Of The Remains Of Napoleon Bonaparte” by M. Janisch, late Secretary to Sir Hudson Lowe at St. Helena, which I downloaded from the British Library Historical Collection iPad app. I was fascinated by this first-hand account. The report of his body, buried for 25 years, looking like it was still fresh, is apparently used as evidence for arsenic poisoning.

David Markham on Australia’s ABC Radio

Our own J. David Markham was recently interviewed on Australian radio regarding a lock of Napoleon’s hair recently found in Sydney’s town hall.

Listen to David’s interview here!

Mystery of Napoleon’s Death Said Solved

A friend sent me this link to Yahoo News this morning. It seems that every year there is a new story from a research group somewhere saying they have the definitive answer on what Napoleon died from. As most of you will already know, David’s good friend Ben Weider co-authored a book, The Murder Of Napoleon, with Sten Forshufvud several years ago which put forward evidence to support the theory that Napoleon was murdered with arsenic by someone in his household on St Helena. Now a new study published in Nature Clinical Practice Gastroenterology and Hepatology has concluded that stomach cancer was the cause of death.

Personally I doubt the veracity of the autopsy done at the time of his death and don’t think we’ll have a definitive answer until the French Government allow his corpse to be exhumed from Les Invalides for a modern autopsy.

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