July 5, 2011 cameron

A First-Hand Account Of The Exhumation of Napoleon’s Corpse

This is an excerpt from “The Exhumation Of The Remains Of Napoleon Bonaparte” by M. Janisch, late Secretary to Sir Hudson Lowe at St. Helena, which I downloaded from the British Library Historical Collection iPad app. I was fascinated by this first-hand account. The report of his body, buried for 25 years, looking like it was still fresh, is apparently used as evidence for arsenic poisoning.

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  1. Jan Reilly

    I can’t get this to enlarge, so can’t read it. If he was a member of the Catholic Church, the fact that his body had been preserved would have meant sainthood.

  2. Jan Reilly

    Correction…I have enlarged it. Was trying to click on the instruction instead of the picture. (Silly me!)

  3. Theodore Utecht

    But arsenic was also used in early embalming fluids and processing of corpses for burial.

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