Unique Napoleonic Gifts

What do you give loved ones who are also Napoleon buffs?

When I was in Ajaccio in July, I stumbled upon a wonderful store selling unique Napoleonic gifts – t-shirts, etc. All of them were custom designed and of a very high quality. Unfortunately, they don’t have a site I can link you to.

I have, however, found these wonderful Napoleon-themed gifts on Etsy.

Napoleon painting

Napoleon cushion

Ahem… did I mention it’s my birthday on Oct 10? 🙂

The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast #45 – La Mort de Napoleon

Well…. here we are folks. The end of the chronological part of our story. It’s been two-and-a-half years in the making. Sometimes I never thought we’d get here. In many ways, I wish we hadn’t. But it had to happen – and so – on today’s episode, the Emperor – dies.

We discuss his last two years on St Helena, without a decent doctor to attend to his increasing illness – which, of course, we believe to be symptoms of arsenic poisoning – his death and then his subsequent return to Paris, many years later.

With the end of our chronological story, we might take a rest. Fear not, however – the show isn’t over yet. We’ll be back to do some epiloguecasts, fulfilling some of the requests you’ve made over the last couple of years for us to drill down into some of the other characters in this most amazing story.

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On behalf of David and myself, I want to sincerely THANK YOU ALL for going on this journey with us over the last couple of years. It’s been a highlight of my podcasting career to be able to produce this for you. Of course I need to thank the one and only J. David Markham for giving us all so much of his time and knowledge freely and willingly over these last couple of years. I really do believe he has not only taken us all on a wonderful journey, but has also left a benchmark in podcasting and education.

The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast #44 – The Murder Of Napoleon

On today’s episode, David and I talk about Napoleon’s struggles with Hudson Lowe, the theory that he was slowly being murdered while on St Helena, poisoned by someone in his own retinue, his sexual escapades with Albine de Montholon, and whether or not he had a “foxhole” religious conversion.

Napoleon to Alexander

I was reading THE TIMES ONLINE tonight (a 1984 story from their archives about the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle in case you were wondering) when I spotted the below quote from Napoleon. Click on the image to get taken to The Times site where you can read a story from 1809 about a letter Napoleon wrote to Czar Alexander.

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