September 28, 2008 cameron

Unique Napoleonic Gifts

What do you give loved ones who are also Napoleon buffs?

When I was in Ajaccio in July, I stumbled upon a wonderful store selling unique Napoleonic gifts – t-shirts, etc. All of them were custom designed and of a very high quality. Unfortunately, they don’t have a site I can link you to.

I have, however, found these wonderful Napoleon-themed gifts on Etsy.

Napoleon painting

Napoleon cushion

Ahem… did I mention it’s my birthday on Oct 10? 🙂

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  1. Edna

    Dear Cameron:
    Happy birthday to you and me, we share the same birthday. I always thought 10/10 was very metric. I wish you a very Napoleonic year!

  2. Ed

    GREAT series. Makes ya really appreciate Napoleon.

    1. If you are wondering what happened at Waterloo, listen to Carlin’s Podcast series “Hardcore History” and the episode titled “History Under the Influence”. He suggests that Napoleon was on heroin for his pain.

    2. It would be nice if the presenters would try to cure their stuttttttttering. It is verrrrrrrry annnnnnnoying.

    Otherwise, fantastic show.


  3. Greg McP

    Actually I didn’t notice it until it was mentioned here.
    When David talks, he doesn’t use “ummm”s to give himself time to think. He sort of repeats the last word he was saying.
    *shrug* I don’t find it annoying, and I’d hate David to get self conscious over it.

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