May 17, 2008 cameron

Napoleon’s #1 fan – age 7

This morning we got this comment on Episode 1:

# ethan Says:

I am Napoleon’s #1 fan! I am 7. I am looking forward to future podcasts. This is very interesting. You should watch my review of “Essential Visual History of the World” for the Storytubes contest. (I had to cut it down to only 2 minutes, though.)
if you like it you can vote for me May 26-June 1 at this site:
If I win I get to give $1000 worth of books to my library. Maybe then other kids can learn about the REAL Napoleon.

His video is great! I think my son Hunter, who is also 7, came home from school last week with two book from the school library – both about Napoleon. I think I should introduce him to Ethan!

Let’s all vote for Ethan on May 26 and help him win some books!

Comments (4)

  1. just to encourage kids like ethan is a delight, and to cast a vote for such person is far rewarding. And good luck to your son, Mr. Cameron; he is learning from his father, smart guy.
    You and Mr. Markham are a great team.

  2. Austin

    Wow, i thought i was pretty young for my intrest in Napoleon. Im 15 and i started my intrest at 13. Wow, 7 years old.

  3. Flannery

    I bet that kid doesn’t exist at all. He’s probably just one of those hackers trying to trick us into getting him a thousand bucks.

  4. Ethan

    Thanks for your support! That was really nice of you. How cool that there’s someone else my age that knows about Napoleon. I bet we’d be good friends. Does he like dinosaurs too? When I was 6 and I told people I was dressing up as Napoleon for Halloween, they thought I meant Napoleon Dynamite. I don’t know who that is, but my mom said he’s a dumb character from a movie. I thought all grown ups would know who Napoleon is.

    For that last guy- Actually I do exist. Can’t you tell by looking at me that I’m real? That’s just silly.

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