February 6, 2006 cameron

#1 – An Introduction

Napoleon 101 #001 (mp3 – 24Mb – 68 mins)

An Introduction to The Napoleon 101 Podcast from Cameron Reilly on Vimeo.

Welcome to the first episode of Napoleon 101! David and I are very excited about creating this show and the rest of the series.

For this first episode, we thought we’d start by giving you a bit of a taste-tester. Before we get deep into the nitty-gritty of his life and career, we’ll take you on a quick journey of what makes Napoleon such an interesting topic for us. For example, we cover:

  • How and when did we first get interested in Napoleon?
  • What is it about Napoleon that fascinates us?
  • The first things everyone wants to know:
    • Was he really short?
    • Why did he stick his hand inside his jacket?
    • Did he really say “Not tonight, Josephine”?
    • Was he poisoned or not?
  • Top 5 things everyone should know about Napoleon
    • He was Corsican
    • He rarely, if ever, broke a peace treaty
    • He was a workaholic who hardly slept
    • He was a genius with a great eye for detail
    • The Code Napoleon
  • Our favourite Napoleonic event/story/anecdote/myth
    • The return from Elba
    • The Battle of Austerlitz

If you are new to Napoleon, then we hope this show will give you a taste to learn more. If you are already an experienced hand, then we hope you will enjoy hearing a couple of Napoleon geeks tell the story that you are already familiar with.

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Comments (86)

  1. Jim Bischoff

    Thank you David for telling me to listen to this. It was the first ever podcast that I’ve heard and I really enjoyed it. I will certainly recommend it to others though the sound system kept doubling up.
    Good wishes from England

  2. Hi Jim. Glad you enjoyed the show. Can you please explain what “the sound system kept doubling up” means? Is there a problem with the file?

  3. Mike

    Cameron : Jolly good show!

    I think it was said N hardly slept. I thought usually he slept like the rest of us, (unless under emergency conditions he would go without sleep).
    My source is Vincent Cronins book for this info.

    Keep up the great podcast

  4. Robert

    Hi, I am a young listner at School and wanted to say that you guys have kindeled a great intrest of Napoleon with me. Also could you tell me the name of the music that was played at the begining of the podcast? Keep up the great work.

  5. Anna

    Not that I had any doubt that people are still much interested in Napoleon, but being a Napoleon buff, it’s a very solitary endeavor. This new show, the first Podcast I’ve ever downloaded, is fantastic and informative, and most importantly, gives me the feeling of a shared passion. Thank you thank you thank you.

  6. J. David Markham

    Dear Anna,

    Thank you very much for your very kind comments. As Cameron says, comments like yours make it all worthwhile.

    I am very interested in knowing where our listeners are. So perhaps when people post here they will be kind enough to at least give the country, and better yet the state, province or city. Don’t worry, I won’t send Fouché to check in on you! Its just fun to know just where people are hearing us.

    And yes, we do have a shared passion. I find interest in Napoleon wherever I go, anywhere in the world. As I always say, “He’s everywhere!”


    PS We’ve taken a little time off due to the Napoleonic Alliance conference this weekend in Seattle. As President, I’ve had a few things to do to make it a success! 😉 But next week we hope to get right back to it. I am also organizing an International Napoleonic Society Congress in Poland, probably in early July of 2007. Start thinking of attending, as these events are goldmines of great information on Napoleon and great fun by people who have what Anna rightfully calls a “shared passion.”

  7. C Lui

    Hi! I just found your podcast so I’m a bit late to the party, but I just wanted to say it’s fantastic. Thank you for spreading the joy.

  8. Wendy

    Thank you so much for doing this!! What an enjoyment to listen to. I’ve been a fan of Le Petit Caporal since my high school European History class, and it’s always nice to find other solidarity with other Bonapartists. =D (and shared anger at the comparison with Hitler! amen to that) Nothing like sitting down after a long day with a good Napoleon biography. I’m currently at Columbia University in New York, where I’ve found 3 other Napoleon fans, always looking out for more!

    It is especially interesting to hear what everybody’s favorite Napoleon anecdotes are. Like Cameron, one of my favorites is also when Napoleon returns from Elba with the grey overcoat and no soldiers daring to shoot him. I personally enjoy stories of young Napoleon at military school, where I think he strategically led some snowball fights? haha. I’ll be downloading the rest of the podcasts–looking forward to it! Thanks

  9. Larry

    Hey! I just found the site, and love reading about Napoleon. I am highly interested in studying more (grad school) and am very excited to find this! Thanks!

  10. terence lee

    I located Napoleon 3 in Chislehurst Kent (England) in the 1871 Census where he was living with Euphemie as a couple under an asumed name. To reach via Ancestry.Com key in forename ‘napoleon’ at kent chislehurst. From information he was then in exile.

  11. Colin

    Terence, that is a really interesting finding. Though I had always thought that Napoleon III had stayed in France and it was only the Empress that went to Chislehurst? I am from Hastings and have always been very proud of the fact that it was very briefly the capital of France. (Sorry to Dave and Cameron, I know this is the wrong Napoleon – and thanks for your great podcasts on the original).

  12. Phil Webb

    Thank you for a truly fantastic podcast. Haven’t had my earphones off since downloading it, much to the consternation of me missus who hasn’t had a conversation with me for the past 2 days. Its shown me Napoleon in a completely different light, as being English you only ever get Nelson and Wellington, Trafalger and Waterloo. You’ve turned me into a francophile (still a criminal offence in England) and ruined Sharp, the Scarlett Pimponell et al for me as I’ll be cheering for the frenchies from now on. A brilliant podcast engagingly narrated. Can’t wait to hear what happens in the next episode, keep up the good work.

  13. Christian Scandella

    I love the podcast and I always look forward to the next chapter, no matter how long. I am down here in Argentina and in a way, thanks to Napoleon, Argentina is now an independent country. It would be very interesting if you can have a chapter on the global consequences or effects of the Napoleonic Wars. Keep up the great work.

  14. Denise DeClue

    I love your show. I read about Napolean years ago. I guess because I am so depressed about the current states of affairs I have swung back to the Russians. I alternated between downloads of The Gulag Archipelago, War and Peace, and Napolean 101. I missed the early episodes, will go back now and try to get them. I anxiously awaited the Feb. installment and am dying to see what you guys think about the “burning of Moscow” and Tolstoy’s take. By the way, I’m from Chicago, down here in Argentina, too.

  15. JB Rodgers

    My family and I live in Santa Barbara, CA.

    I never seriously studied history, since most classes I took taught history through “isms” (e.g. Communisim, Capitalism, etc) as opposed to individuals as you do.

    I thoroughly enjoy your show and am thankful about the approach you have taken to sharing this history.

    One suprising developemnt in my house is that my 7 year old boy has become a big Napolean fan. As part of our nightly routine, he asks me to tell him a story about anything. I started telling him your versions of Napolean’s battels and he loves hearing them! (I guess that’s really no suprise for a 7 year old boy.)

    I wouldn’t change a thing about the show, but FYI I always welcome more detail as opposed to less detail about the battles.

    Thanks again,


  16. Dr Jim Baker


    I am a retired doctor and a very amateur historian. I have never gotten a handle on the Napoleonic era until your brilliant podcasts! I have just ordered the ‘Napoleon for Dummies’ book to reinforce the podcasts. I would sure like to see the two of you – dynamic history duo that you are – to continue after this to Caesar, Alexander, Hannibal or some other rare and incredible historical leader and give them the same podcast treatment accorded N.


  17. Cameron

    Welcome Dr Jim! I’m sure David will be pleased to know you’ve ordered the book and, if we ever finish this series, I’m sure we will tackle something else together, as we are having a lot of fun!

  18. Jorge

    I really enjoyed the podcast. I became an enthusiast when I started researching Napoleon’s life for a movie script. My movie idea was a “WHAT IF” idea: WHAT IF NAPOLEON HAD SUCCESSFUL INVADED ENGLAND INSTEAD OF GOING TO EGYPT? There are many possibilities.
    Will the podcast continue after the 15 episodes announced? Anyways, One of the best museums I have visited is in Havana, Cuba. Keep it up and looking forward to more podcasts.

  19. APR 30,2007
    Received I-pod as gift, and after 60 day learning process, discovered your podcast. Love your passion and dedication! Up to session ten and have enjoyed every episode. Do not worry about episode lengths. Your interactions and teamwork, and the amount of information you dish out has never let me feel bored. Love the effort. Even when you guys sidetrack, you have interesting discussions.
    I have noticed some of the other podcasts I listen to have advertisements mixed in with their podcasts. Have you guys considered taking offers? I only suggest because I enjoy your podcasts so much I hope you do not call it quits when the hobby begins to seem like too much work.
    Thanks again!
    As an airline employee who spends endless hours commuting to and from work you have made my previously downtime something I look forward to!

  20. Cameron

    Hi Arthur! Thanks for listening to the show! Yes, actually I am working on finding some suitable advertisers for the show now. If you can think of a company that might be interested, please let me know!
    And make sure you check out the rest of the great podcasts on The Podcast Network!

  21. mat

    Hey Cam.. I gotta say this website is totally awesome. I love they way it works, looks and feels. compliments to the chef. great show!

  22. Nick

    I came across this podcast while looking for info related to the Dahesh Museum’s Napoleon in Egypt exhibit (which I went to see and thoroughly enjoyed) – so it was especially neat to hear that some of Mr. Markham’s objects were on display there. I’ve always loved Napoleon and I’m glad you got that vicious lie about his height out of the way early on.
    Anyway, just wanted to drop you guys a note to say I think you’re doing a great job! I’ve only made it to episode 9 so far (but that’s because I just found the site last week) and have loved every one. But it’ll be awful once I’m caught up, because then I’ll actually have to start waiting for the new episodes! 🙁
    Keep up the great work!

  23. Shaz

    Dear Cameron and J,

    You guy’s make the perfect team, i just discovered your podcast on napoleon about 1 month ago. So far i have listen to an episode a night. This is really great stuff, keep up the good work.


    Shaz from sydney(AU).

  24. Cameron

    Shaz, thanks very much! Glad you are enjoying our little show! We really appreciate the feedback!

  25. enrico

    I’m listening you from Italy, I discovered your podcast some weeks ago and I’m now at episode 15.
    It is a great show and it pushes me into finding new books and/or new sources of information. I actually live just some km from Lonato where I know was a Napoleonic battle. No luck in finding info un the web, you did not mentioned so far… I’m curious… can you give some feedback on that battle?
    P.S. Lodi is just 1 our drive from my home. After having followed your episode about the Lodi’d bridge battle I decided to drive there to see with my eyes.. funny to realize that i’ve been so close to that plase for so many years without knowing..

  26. Xavier Gauthier

    Hi guys !!! I come from the Province of Quebec in Canada. Yes, the French speaking ones. But my English is pretty good so I can listen to you and I quite enjoyed it since the first episode I must say. It’s my iniation to Napoleon and I like to learn through speaking voices. You’re passion is transpired through it and it makes it so much greater. You’re killing French names and places to the point of incomprehensibility but what you’re gonna do!!!! I love it anyway. I just have to go on the net and actually see those names and it’s OK. It’s very funny to hear you say Lebrun though!!!

    Except this little fact (quite negligeable after all) you guys have it all!!! I love your passion and it’s contagious. That makes me want to know more about French history and the Revolution, etc. These are my ancestors after all. Keep up the good work guys, I’m all ears all the time.

    P.S.: A technical problem makes me unable to download the previous podcasts though. I’m stuck at 12 and I’m unable to download 12-13 or 14!! I’m very sad. I hope it’s temporary though!! Makes me realize that I’m a Napoleon 101 addict though. (I’m a itunes user)

    Salutations du Québec

    Au revoir

  27. Xavier Gauthier

    Hi again guys !!!

    Thanks Cameron for your quick answer. The technical problem with itunes lasted just a couple of hours so everything is OK right now. I can download them all. I can’t wait to catch up with all the shows since i’m just at #12. Keep it up guys!!

  28. brian

    great show. whoever it is who’s smoke alarm is low on batteries and keeps chirping every 30 seconds this show would be much better without that noise. i’m up to episode 18 and it keeps showing up every couple of episodes and driving me bonkers.

    thanks for ya’ll’s times, passion, and knowledge.

  29. Cameron

    thank Brian! Yeah we finally worked out David’s smoke alarm needed a new battery but it only took us… 18 months. 🙂

  30. brian

    lol…. solid proof you don’t listen to your own shows 😉

    just kidding, thanks again for sharing your perspectives. the podcast is great. I wish it was a little more history in terms of events as it seems a good percentage is opinions but that is related to my own ignorance of the details of the history. I’ll readily admit almost everything I know about the period is from Bernard Cornwall and Patrick O’Brien. Ya’ll’s bias is fine, you’re allowed to be biased if you want, at least you’re open about it (though since my sources are limited to the two aforementioned I tend to disagree haha).

  31. Cameron

    oh dont get me wrong, we heard the beeps, it just took David 18 months to work out what was CAUSING the beeps. 🙂

    I’m surprised you say the shows are more opinions than events…. whilst we certainly provide our opinions on why he did what he did, I think 90% of the show is talking about WHAT happened (eg events), instead of our opinions on why it happened. Am I wrong?

    • Hope

      Oh my god. The chirps. I came here to leave a positive comment and to look for a possible chirping explanation. I’ve listened to each of your history podcasts so far and they are a jolly good time and informative. Thank you! I blame Sir David for the chirps and now for the phantom chirps that I hear in my life outside of listening to the podcast. I started out by listening to Ray’s WWII podcast (don’t be so hard on him! See he’s not entirely useless) and made the rounds. I ended up here and I’m glad I did. Thanks again and cheers.

  32. brian

    Hmmm… maybe you are right. Maybe I’m thinking that it is a very high level overview (probably required to keep the show from lasting 100 years lol) as opposed to the details of events. I phrased my comment badly hehe.

  33. Hello

    I am french and very interested by history. I am learning american and I discovered your site one month ago. Every day I listen to your podcast in my car when I go to my work. This is a very good way to learn and improve my english. Thanks a lot for that.
    Does the text corresponding to each podcast exist? I would very interested to get it.

  34. Anthon

    Did Napoleon make a mistake at Arce?

    Why did’nt he deploy his hot air observation balloons to see the hidden British Navy Gun positions and the second wall.

    Just a minor point, Napoleon did indeed have observation balloons in Egypt, but the simple fact of the matter was that they did’nt work.

    Why, well the ambient air temparsture in Egypt in summer is around maybe 40C*, in europe Paris for example it is maybe 25C*. (* guesstimate)

    The hot air balloon only works with temperature difference, however even the hottest fire is limited to an very modest increase in air temperature.

    In other words it would work well in Northern Europe, but at best the balloon would only get partially inflated in Egypt. And would only partially work on the very coldest days in Egypt!!

    I love Napoleon, and the 101 series, but in defence of the Emperor and as an Engineer I had to mention this.

    Great series of Podcasts.

  35. Neil Davies

    As a proud possessor of a new iPod in July this year, this was one of my first series. As a sometime teacher of Celtic art and archaeology and still one of a dwindling band of ancient Celtic scholars in ‘Straya’ (Australia) let me congratulate you on the format – it has given me ideas!! Out of interest I got my enthusiasm for Napoleon via the master story teller Roger Delderfield’s book “Seven men of Gascony” and the collection of contemporary documents covering the Markham-esque strategic withdrawal (if that is possible with tail between legs) by A Brett-James (1966)

  36. Dener Martins

    This is a very good material! Congratulations for your effort to make it available to the general public. When will the rest of the chapters be available online?

  37. Stephen Rhys Williams

    This is amazing. Thanks so much. Just one question. Itunes is only letting me download the series from episode 5 onwards. Is there any way I can get the first 4?

  38. hello

    I’m really enjoying this Series on Napoleon, I can’t seem to download Episodes 1 – 2 – 3 & 4 through I tunes. 5 – 36 is available, can you help me out here

    Thank you very much


  39. Dear Cameron and David

    Thank you for a outstanding podcast series. Your combined perspective on Napoleons life has stirred me to be a true convert. I am sadly nearing the end of series but I continue to review them to absorb the material.(I plan to pick up Napolean for dummies on my next visit to Chapters.) My mp3 player contains nothing but Napoleon and Historical podcasts, which I listen while at the gym, work or cartooning for my local paper. Although my medication is creamed sherry or beer not near as strong as Davids it does the trick.Once again thank you for efforts. Keep up the good work.
    I attached my Military Cartoon websites below for you to enjoy

    Sincerly Yours

    Robert Mullan


  40. Dear Cameron and David
    Excellent series. I was wondering if you have any information on the effects of the war on the continent had on the war of 1812 ? (between Canada an the USA)Were the French in any position to help USA in the War of 1812.Had the French introvened could they reclaimed parts of New France.

    Robert Mullan
    Carleton Place,

  41. ethan

    I am Napoleon’s #1 fan! I am 7. I am looking forward to future podcasts. This is very interesting. You should watch my review of “Essential Visual History of the World” for the Storytubes contest. (I had to cut it down to only 2 minutes, though.) here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbRrdbxrTzU
    if you like it you can vote for me May 26-June 1 at this site:
    If I win I get to give $1000 worth of books to my library. Maybe then other kids can learn about the REAL Napoleon.

  42. Viktor


    You guy’s are awesome. I am buying all your books.

  43. Bonnie

    Thanks for a very interesting show. Like others, I recently got an Iphone and found your podcast. As a history major many years ago, I always enjoy any history, but was weak on Napoleon. However, I always had an interest, but never the time, in him because a co-worker years ago insisted that I was a relative of Marshal Ney, as that is my maiden name. To the best of my knowledge, I know that is not the case, but it was nice to daydream. I am up to episode 20, and am slowly catching up. You have reinvigorated my interest in history and I am schlepping back and forth to the library now for books (have no room for any more in my bookcases). Also will be listening to the biography show when caught up with Napoleon. Thanks again for your compassion for this subject.

    Writing from Miami, Florida.

  44. Brian Harris

    Thanks for a great show!

    I have just found the podcast and am eagerly devouring every episode. I like the way that your passion shines through when you get side tracked this is the stuff that brings history to life!
    As I am only up to episode 11, I am a little late catching on so I hope my comments dont seem too dated… then again this is a history podcast after all.

    Keep up the brilliant work.

    By the way, have I missed the Napoleon get together in Australia that was to be held this summer?

    If so, is there a site that has a bit of what I missed?


  45. Cameron

    Welcome everybody, thanks for tuning in!

    Brian – don’t know about the Napoleon event in Australia, I didn’t hear much about it.

    Robert – I’ll ask David what he knows about the affects on the War of 1812. And great cartoons! Obviously some of them are ‘in’ jokes, they went over my head. 🙂

  46. Blafin

    This is just an idea for David’s books. I listen to a fair number of podcasts like TWiT and have now come to love audible audio books. As I prefer to listen to books instead of reading now I actually looked on audible today to see if I could purchase any books by David.

    Seeing as your audience is obviously a little tech savy having products like putting David’s books on audio might be a big seller – I would sure be one of the first to purchase an audio copy. (From Audible they are DRM protected too)

    Just an idea.

  47. I totally agree with Blafin, It would be an absolute killer to get David’s books on audio.
    And it is not like he hasn’t got the experience it takes 🙂
    I am sure it would boost the sales at least 50%…I bet (Seen up against former online sales experience and the podiobook success).

    It would be a great resource for my research on the graphic novels I am producing on Napoleon and Europe in his time.


  48. bj morton

    I have a collection of capo-de-monte ceramic napoleon soldiers they are 12″ tall and beutifully colored. they have the capo-de-monte logo on each plus numbers believed to be the artist who made them or the painters. they are rare as I have not been able to trace them. I collected them from a small store in Los Angelels from 1968 to 1971 was was only able to purchase 1 or 2 at a time. I have only come across them twicle in all that time. Once in a french restaurant in the french quarter in Nlew Orleans and watching Bob Barker being interviewed in his home in Los Angeles he had a collection in his library.

    I would like to sell them any ideas???

  49. Doug

    Wow. Finally someone else has one or a bunch of these soldiers. I inherited the few my father collected in the fifties. I would also like to find a home for them. The painting detail is far above anything I’ve seen online. Somewhere there’s a collector who’s missing a ‘foot soldier’ or ‘guardsman’… I’ll let you know if I come across anything. Best of luck.

  50. Sebastian Reick

    Hi Cameron, hi David!

    I’ve started to listen to the show just a few weeks ago, and I really enjoy it! It’s great. The good thing is that now I don’t have to wait for several weeks for the next show, but can listen to them almost in a row, if time permits. It’s funny that in the first episode you said something about doing 12 episodes, knowing that now you’ve done almost 50 🙂

    In one show you mentiond you’d like to know a bit about your audience: I’m a PhD student in atomic physics at the university of Bonn, Germany. So a natural scientist by education and profession, I’m interested in history as well. In addition, I like to improve my English listening comprehension skills by subcribing to podcasts in English. So your podcast is a perfect combination 🙂 Especially because it’s very informative and at the same time entertaining. I especially like that you don’t just read date after data, but explain the background, the motivation for certain actions and so on.

  51. I’ve recently been listening to the Biography show and love it. Based on that i decided to give Napoleon 101 a try too. Unfortunately show one can not be downloaded. I’ve tried through iTunes and through the site. I tried streaming and downloading. My guess is it was one of those broken links i read about due to the server crash so I thought you should know. I can’t wait to give it a listen when it is fixed.

  52. Cameron

    Thanks for letting me know Eric! There was a slight typo in the filename. Should work now for you! Please let me know if you have any further problems!

  53. Stewart Agnew

    Hey Guys,

    I loved the podcast, in particular the Russian campaign. I at times thought that maybe there was too much love for napoleon, but that is understandable!
    In addition, it was a great idea to get more podcasts on other characters of the time, i would love one on the Polish guy, Prince something?

    For now i don’t have access to the internet as living in poverty in China, but as soon as i get back to Scotland downloading more will be one of the first things i do.

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to make such a splendid podcast. David’s articles and Cameron’s long winded but always brilliant story-telling!


  54. Paul

    Took the whole of the Podcast on holiday with me, i was Disappointed, this podcast is nothing more than a Napoleon Love Fest, with no objectivity.

    Apparently Napoleon went on his jaunt round Europe freeing peasants and making them Citizens, but not mentioning that he looted their central banks of cash and Gold and removed their Art treasures and left these new Citizens as, erm, peasants really.

    The fact is Europe got rid of the little corporal not because he was the best thing that ever happened to them, all the countries he annexed see history differently to this podcast, it is estimated that civilian death tolls vary from 750,000 to 3 million.

  55. Cameron


    I don’t mind anyone having a different view on Napoleon but did you actually listen to the podcasts? If you had, you would know that he didn’t go on a “jaunt around Europe” but was ACTUALLY doing was fighting DEFENSIVE wars. We go to lengths during the series to explain that France didn’t start wars or break peace treaties (with the exception of Portugal). They were attacked by the other countries for having the temerity to oust their king.

    What you call “looting” was actually reparations for military aggression, something acceptable under international law, even today.

    We don’t dispute the death toll of the wars during the period but I dare you to find a way to blame the wars on Napoleon. Can you show me a case where he was the one to start the war (except Portugal which we agree on the podcast was unacceptable)?

    The truth is that Napoleon inherited the wars between France and the other European countries. They were happening before he was in power. He fought France’s enemies, signed peace treaties which they then broke, again and again, and forced France back into war.

    If you have different fact, present them.


  56. Julian B.

    I was listening to a few previous episodes and I personally think it’s a great idea!!

    To begin on some slight criticism, as I am sure you are aplenty used to, I must argue that back in episode 16 or 17 you argue for the king of Prussia’s innocence, which I must disagree with, because I think he was mad even to think of fighting Napoleon let alone doing it, of all the allies, he was the most foolish.

    I have been an avid listener for the last few weeks/months or so and I must congratulate you on your pro-Bonapartist arguments, which I must say I agree with.

    Speaking of Napoleon, I have decided to do a Napoleonic era scrapbook as an introduction to Grade Nine Social Studies, which is focused around Napoleon!

    I’ll be waiting for more podcasts quite eagerly so please, satisfy my taste for Napoleon even more!

  57. Julian B.

    Another criticism, if I may mention it, is your, in my opinion, slightly unfair treatment of Wellesley, who was not a Napoleon but certainly not a King of Prussia either. Sir Arthur, you must remember, was weighed down by incompetent soldiers as Napoleon was, not the least being the flamboyant Prince of Orange and the Dutch-Belgian troops who were about as trained as a pack of foot soldiers from the pre-Adolphus era!!

    Being highly Bonapartist myself, I must agree on your justification of Napoleon’s actions-It was the heads of Europe trying to eliminate him rather than him trying to eliminate them!!

    I could go on for ages, but as yet I shall wait for a response…

  58. Kevin

    I’d just like to thank both Cameron & David for this fantastic podcast. I have only recently found the podcast but from the few I’ve heard, I think they are brilliant. I really enjoy the informal, realaxed manner of the podcasts. I look forward to listening to the rest of the episodes.

    Kevin in Cavan, Ireland.

  59. Nathan

    Thank you so much gentlemen for giving me the chance to be educated, entertained and kept awake while I drone away at work.

  60. Bob

    If your soldiers look at their feet and they are not standing on their own soil they are not fighting a ‘defensive’ war.

    China building a wall is a defensive position.

    You cannot call everything defensive because you feel it is justified.

    Look at your feet. It will tell you a lot about your war.

  61. andrewp

    I’ve recently come across this series and I am greatly informed and entertained.

    As a Brit I naturally checked out Trafalgar and Waterloo see if we still won – apparently we did – just.

    The comments about the BRits never stopping going on about Nelson and Wellington is bang on . Almost everyday, between crumpets and early evening sherry, we alternate between reenactments of both battles – pure joy.

    You have to forgive this indulgence since there is such a paucity of history to focus on in these cold irrelevent islands that have had such a modest impact on world history and events,

    Anyway I will continue to enjoy !!

  62. Stephanie

    I recently found this podcast and truly enjoy listening and learning on my drive into work. I listen to the show with my children in the car and hoping to inspire a love of history.

    I am only up to episode 18 right now, but am I am so glad to see that the pocast has continued over these past few years since its inception.

    I know this much be a large undertaking, but thank you and please keep it up!


  63. Alan H.

    Another Brit here who has just come across this podcast. There is nothing better than listening to people who know and love their subject and in this case we have two. I must thank them for this great series, I am really enjoying every minute( I mean an hour and a half) of it. I hope my comments will incourage Cameron & David to keep on going because as a Brit I feel I am getting the other side of the Napoleon story and more able to assess British Foreign poicy at this time in history. Alas I still think the Brits were right and like C & D wonder about the world if history had turned out different and Napoleon had achieved his aims so I wonder at all kinds of combinations and benefits to the world if the British Empire had lasted till today. I think it would have been a far better place.

  64. jensenly

    No other way to say it – YOU GUYS ROCK!

    I decided to do something useful with my time since getting laid off from work, and being a history nut, I wanted to learn about a subject I knew very little about. After surfing around the Apple Podcast library -Ta Da!- I come across your podcast! Perfect – I know next to nothing about Napoleon. I was hooked from the very first podcast and I loved the way you immediately dealt with all of the myths and misperceptions. I am only through the first 10 episodes and am thrilled to know there are many, many more to go. You can go as long as you want and take as many sidebars as you need because I find everything you guys discuss entertaining.

    Fantastic job and what a brilliant idea! Thanks for making us all a little more informed when it comes to all things Napoleon!

    Long Beach, California

    • Cameron

      Wow Lynn, that’s some compliment! I hope you continue to enjoy the series!

    • Cameron

      Wow Lynn, thanks so much for the comments! Glad to hear people are still discovering the show and continuing to enjoy it!

  65. Theo

    David and Cameron. I’ve always a fan of military history – battles such as Vienna (1529), Antietam (1862), Stalingrad (1942-3), etc really interest me a great deal. In particular, the connections of history to our world today is most fascinating – e.g. the “what ifs” of 1066, Spanish Armada “crusade” to England, Spanish conquest of the New World, etc are all very absorbing….thanks for making this particular topic of Napoleon so interesting, lively and dare I say entertaining! Y’all definitely have a good repartee going. Its way more refreshing than perusing a never-ending list of website links on Wikipedia (I tried the Hundred Years’ War, still not finished). Before you guys, I never quite thought about Nappy this way. Especially since I play Empire Total War and their more recent game Napoleon Total War, your podcast really adds a fullness to my gaming experience…an academic gamer haha. Including my cathedral trip across Europe, I will definitely look to including the major battle sites from Napoleonic history. I guess in short, thanks for making history fun again. Viv’lEmpreur! …from South Africa in true David rambling fashion. Keep the rambling going!

    • Cameron

      THanks Theo! Always wonderful to hear from new listeners, especially from different parts of the world! Thanks for listening!

  66. Lina

    I found this podcast for a time ago. It roused my interest in Napoleon who I before only knew had been ruler in France and lost a war. You have convinced me that he was a great man who deserved a better fate than he got.

  67. Dave

    I think you should be more honest. Your podcast is unbalanced.

    Claim for example, Napoleon did not sweep away r6the french feudalism, the revolution had all ready done that. He reintroduced a new privileged nobility, who did not pay taxes of their estates.

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