January 23, 2013 cameron

Markham & Reilly – The Next Chapter?

Well I spoke to JDM for the first time in a long time yesterday and we discussed doing a new podcast – about American politics. JDM was ranting about Obama’s inauguration and ending filibuster on Facebook and I thought it might make an interesting podcast. Maybe a one-off, but perhaps a new series?

Even though I’m not an American, I have a deep interest in American politics, as much of it affects all of us in some way or another, also because successful political ideas developed in the USA usually make their way into Australian politics in some watered-down form. Also, I’m married to an American, have American in-laws that I like, and so what affects them also affects me.

Anyhoo…. what would you think about a new show from Markham-Reilly in the near future?



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  1. Thomas Fersner

    Yes please, Sirs! Anything from you two are worth a dozen of rooms filled with gold! Please, go on, get us (the hungry people) more podcasts to listen to, also the American politics!

  2. John Connor

    I’m British & yes fascinated by the current fuckery of US politics – however it’s a vast nexus of money, guns, billionaires (funding tea party), republicans hitting whites no longer in majority, global warming etc, etc, etc. & that’s just on the side of the Galactic Empire.
    Napoleon though vast is a contained subject – this one isn’t.
    I only write because I respect u guys & am still catching up on your Napolean oeuvre – just past Waterloo! – it’s a lot to take on.
    But then again the Republicans only talk to themselves – with hilarious consequences – & u 2 r much better than that.

  3. Ross Belson

    Although born a Brit and educated at an English public school along Pitt-good cop, Napoleon-bad cop lines, my parents are Australian and have always been deeply suspicious of the English Establishment. So, although your podcast came as a revelation, it felt right & in fact has been invaluable for teaching NB to my college students and I have recommended you guys. We are also studying the history of civil rights in the US, which confuses them. Why do the Republicans have the same colour as the British Labour Party? How come they appealed to racial minorities in 1862 yet 150 years on………? Is Obama really British?

    • Christopher

      Revelation and felt right? Yeah, because these two have no agenda whatsoever.

  4. Amy Silletto

    Wow, are you sure you’re ready to open that can of snakes? Haha. Though I have a feeling I would disagree with Mr. Markham on a few things I very much respect his intelligence and would welcome thoughtful discussion. It would be a refreshing change from all the pundits spewing BS right now!

  5. Andrew

    I’m British and would like to hear a series of reliable podcasts about the American War of Independence, the influences behind it and the Bill of Rights.

    I have enjoyed the Napoleon podcasts and has opened my eyes up to the man.

      • Miryr

        Likewise Andrew, I hoped that since I’ve arrived relatively late to the party it would already be under way. That said, I’m curious to see how they go about with this particular one…

  6. Brendan

    No thanks! Don’t want to hear Cameran praising potus.

    Stick to what made the show great, Markham sipping whiskey and regailing listeners about the Napoleonic period or ancient history. There’s tons more to cover.

    I came for Napoleon, my interest checks out after that.

  7. Cameron Reilly

    Hah. Brendan if you think I’m going to be praising the current POTUS, you’ve got a surprise coming. Markham is the one who will be praising him. But I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.

  8. Kevin

    I think the idea has merit, but I would suggest a third person. From listening to the Napoleon podcast,it appears that you have someone to support President Obama and someone to criticize his administration from the left. It would certainly help if you also have someone to give a thoughtful critique from the right or from a libertarian viewpoint.

    I may be mistaken, and you, Cameron, may believe that you will give that libertarian viewpoint; my perspective is limited to occasional comments on the Napoleon episodes, but I think a three-way discussion is more interesting in any case: support for the current administration, a critique from the right, and a critique from the left.

    • Cameron

      Kevin, I don’t consider myself a “libertarian” or on “the left”. I’m smack bang in the center. I’m all about “what the best course of action to build a more sustainable, peaceful and equitable world”.

  9. David Campion-Smith (Canada)

    Personally I believe that this awesome podcast team should stick to history. I would suggest perhaps a history of Julius Caesar or Caesar Augustus who is just as interesting. Or perhaps for some lesser known people maybe Charlemagne, or Charles Martel. For an interesting look maybe a history of some famous eastern generals such as Saladin or Sun Tzu. Whatever you guys do it’ll be awesome!

    • Cameron

      Thanks for the support, David! I’d be excited to do any of those subjects!

  10. Jason Black

    Cameron, I would just like to thank yourself and J. David for making this excellent series of podcasts. I had know very little on the subject prior to listening, and have found them highly addictive.

  11. Adrian

    Cameron, I would be very interested in such a podcast. There’s no harm in giving it a go, right?

    I think your being a non-American would be an asset to such a discussion, as perhaps the angle you approach topics and pose questions from could represent foreign perceptions and perspectives, to a degree.

    PS: I am forever grateful for you creating the Napoleon podcast series with JDM.

  12. Jason Black

    Cameron, I don’t know what areas you and David are happy to discuss, but I would be interested in hearing something about the Peloponnesian War, Caesar, the American War of Independence, the American Civil War, or the Franco-Prussian War, all of which I have but the sketchiest of understandings.

  13. Andrew Lawson

    I would love to listen to anything involving the two of you. Even if you discuss paint drying on a fence, I will still tune in.

  14. Chuck Milbourne

    I would like to hear a “Lessons from History” podcast in which the both of you discussed historical theories and problems such as “Invasions of Russia,” “Colonial Powers,” “Asymmetric Wars,” the “Great Man Theory vs. Trends and Forces”, “Economic Precursors to Wars and Revolutions,” “Stable Societies,” etc.

    –>Chuck Milbourne

  15. Michael

    Anything. ANYTHING.

    Caesar, Greece, the American Civil War, Great Historical What Ifs….or even more Napoleon! Napoleon in pop culture? Lives of the marshals?

  16. Rob Penfold

    Hi Guys,
    anything form Cameron and J David, would more than likely be interesting.

  17. Eusebio Gomez

    Mr Cameron I am talking with a team of students from NYU – Tisch School of the Arts to try to launch a kickstarter campaign to raise funding for an independent movie that revolves around Napoleon Bonaparte and his spies. It would be very interesting to speak to you and Mister J David Markham to discuss what organizations would like to be invited to get involved in the process and pitch in ideas.

    If this project sounds interesting to you please write me an e-mail back.

    Thank You
    Eusebio Gomez

  18. Hey guys, I think I would think this would be a brilliant idea!
    Cemerom, I have already been in touch re your excellent Caesar podcasts – I have started your Napolean ones just ‘cos I can’t wait for the next installememt!
    But this sounds like a very, very interesting idea. There seems to be a couple of places in the Napolionic podcasts wherever you begin to draw parallels between modern events (and in particular, the wars in Israel-that-wasPalaestien) and I may be wrong bu the feeling I got was that it made your co-host (a very learned man and very ingesting) a little uncomfortable. He mentioned in an episode that the USA, a lot of Europe, and Australia would allow criticism of their government to a point, I would be interested in hearing both your views on this vast topic, and see if your co-host really feels that the Black Helecopters may be after him if he is too critical of Israel. Amongst a million other poeces of modern policy, of course. So yeah, you make the podcast, I will listen rapt attention!
    All the best once more,

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