August 16, 2012 cameron

1000 Likes = New Show!

Okay folks, to celebrate Napoleon’s birthday, I’m going to make you a promise – when the Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast Facebook page gets to 1000 likes, I will hold JDM down and FORCE him to record a new episode with me!

Do we have a deal??

Now I know there are a lot more than 1000 of you out there who listen (or have listened) to the show, and yet our Facebook page only has 247 likes as of today. So…. get to it if you want to hear JDM’s sonorous tones in your microphone one more time!

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  1. Tom

    If you do another show, please ask David about what he found out about the coulda been Stanley Kubrick Napoleon movie when he spoke to one of the producers involved with the movie. Thanks!

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