July 2, 2012 cameron

Fixing Napoleon In iTunes

Hey folks, some of you may have noticed that your Napoleon feed in iTunes has broken as a result of the server migration. Mea culpa! I tried to make it a smooth transition but it looks like something broke. So, if you’re in that category, please do the following:

  1. UNSUBSCRIBE from the show in iTunes.
  2. Then RE-SUBSCRIBE using this link. Just click on it here and it should open iTunes.

If you have any further problems or questions, just let me know.

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Comments (14)

  1. John Connor

    Love the podcast – somehow everything wiped in I tunes.
    Have been ploughing through from the start – just on eve of Waterloo.Eeek have an idea what happens but hell bad timing!
    Have restored using your repair link from ep 41 -59 but missing
    32 to 40.
    Won’t download in i tunes – any ideas.
    Best John

    • Cameron

      Okay John – I think I fixed it! Please refresh the feed in iTunes (bottom right hand corner) and let me know how you go!

  2. Brendan

    Hey Cam, I just ordered “Napoleon in Egypt” by Paul Strathern after reading the kindle preview. Wanted to know if you read it and what you thought of it. Not sure if all of his obscure and ancient history facts are right though, which was why I was hoping you or David might have read it. For instance, he says Josephine’s teeth were in a terrible state and that’s why she never smiled baring her teeth -I’m not sure about that.

    Anyways, it’s an interesting topic, the Orient. Maybe you and David could talk about it or get someone who authored a book on the subject for an episode. (Hope David didn’t write one on it, hehe.)

    • Cameron

      Brendan, I haven’t read it but I like your idea of doing a show about the Orient with a guest author. I’ll look into it. I have heard that about Josephine’s teeth before, I think it’s true. Not a lot of dental hygiene in those days.

  3. Seimour

    I managed to download the most recent podcasts but I cant seem to access older ones. I am new to using Itune for podcasts so I was wondering if there`s only one episode available at a time or if I need to do something else to access older ones. The website only has the first few podcasts back from 2007

  4. Guys – you rock! You have hit upon the very best teaching method today. I have lots of “school time” but none of it even comes close in value in terms of content, utility and just plain solid historic understanding.

    You do this free – and you will someday be richly rewarded. I know this because I have already been so rewarded with your rich and powerful instruction on one of the most important periods in world history.

    Many Many thanks to you both and blessing abound for you!


  5. phil

    I’d like to resume listening where I left off, but I can no longer find an RSS link – and I will protect greatly if I have to manually click on each episode to download them…

    Is there one that I have not stumbled upon?

    I don’t use iTunes now and I’d like to use my Android phone to subscribe to these again.

    Can anything be done for those that fight against corporate monarchy?

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