June 22, 2012 cameron

Moving Day

Hi folks, as you may have noticed, we’re moving to a new site. It’s going to take me a few days to get all of the old content up and running, so please be patient.

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  1. Frank

    Now that I see this, disregard my coments in the 1812 podcasts. With this being the bicentenial of the Russian campaign, I hope you and Mr. Markham will offer a podcast with a fresh take on the war. Perhaps an interview with Adam Zamoyski?

  2. HELP!

    I lost all of your podcasts on my IPod. I went back to ITunes and tried to download.

    Got the message “can’t find server”. I’ll bet when you moved to your new site, the location of your podcasts moved as well. Well, can you check on it?

    Really need to get a new copy of all the podcasts. They are EXCELLENT. The longer I listened to the series around number 20 through 24 I almost couldn’t stop!

    Your style is magnetic. You teach in exactly the way I learn. Your monologues really brings each of the subjects “come alive”.

    Thanks for the absolute best experience I have had in learning!


    • Cameron

      Hi Brad! Sorry about the broken link. You might want to try re-subscribing in iTunes using this link:


      Let me know how it goes.


      • Cameron

        Thanks – got it fixed.

        Your work is exceptional in every way. You teach exactly the way I learn! Your descriptions and discussions are rich with detail and substance. They make Napoleon and his times come alive for me.

        Thanks again for taking your time to help me out. Don’t quit now. Thanks


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