October 4, 2011 cameron

A Napoleonic era ends as Liberal powerbroker Michael Kroger farewells his antique empire

Remember Michael Kroger from Episode #49? It looks like he just sold off his Napoleonic collection.

“At an auction in the shadow of the grand Chateau de Fontainebleau outside Paris yesterday, the Michael Kroger Collection, including imperial eagles, towering bronze candelabra, antique clocks, vases, paintings, chairs, sideboards, gilt mirrors and military paraphernalia, went under the hammer, raising more than $500,000 for the businessman.”

The article briefly mentions this podcast but neglects to mention it by title or provide a link. Typical!

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  1. Grant

    What I took from episode #49 was that Mr Kroger didn’t seem to know a great deal about the Great Man or the Emperor’s life. He came across to me just as a collector, mind you he did have a room(s)in his house decorated in the Imperial style which shows his enthusiasm.

  2. Mohamed

    He cameron. when is the next podcast coming up. I hope David is still on the show!

    • Cameron

      HI Mohamed! Yes David is still with the show. He’s currently busy moving to Canada, and when he settles we’ll be resuming the show, I hope!

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