June 14, 2011 cameron

The British Are Good For Something! (Finally!)

I know, I know… the British gave us many good things in the past… like slavery and pollution and the invasions of Australia, North America, India, Africa, etc. But what have they done for us lately?

This – The British Library iPad App!

The British Library released more than 1,000 rare books in the form of a single app for the iPad last week. The titles of the books are searchable, but the individual items are viewed as high-resolution scans. The works are drawn from the library’s 19th-century collection and load individually from the network when you touch one to read it.

I just downloaded this wonderful copy of “The Memorable Battle Of Waterloo” by Christopher Kelly Esq. from 1817. Check out the first couple of pages as an example of how high res the scans are!

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  1. The British gave the world slavery? Would this be the same Britain that not only banned the slave trade but devoted naval resources to enforcing that ban even during a life and death struggle with Napoleon?

    And pollution? Okay, I’ll concede the invasions one, but even that isn’t exactly uniquely British. Remember the Assyrians, the Romans, etc.

  2. Cameron

    I believe the Atlantic slave trade accounted for about 5% of the British economy at one stage. They FINALLY made it illegal in the early 19th century. The pollution quip was referring to the Industrial Revolution. So stop whining. I said something nice about the Brits! Be thankful! 🙂

  3. Spencer

    So What if you don’t have a an IPAD?
    Know how to view this on a MAC or IPOD
    with out using an IPAD don’t own one and can’t
    buy one at the moment.

    IF you can post the list of books on the APP so we can look them
    up – for those who don’t have an IPAD!

  4. Shinty

    Look around the world, and most of the places you want to live have been impacted (for better and for worse) by the British Empire.

    If the British and their former colonies haven’t left a lasting imprint, then you probably don’t want to live there.

    Canada & the US – good places to live. Mexico? A basket case.

    Bermuda – yes. Haiti – no.

    India, getting better. China, worse but improving with continued exposure to Britain’s USA satellite.

    South Korea – sign up. North Korea – not on a bet.

    It almost seems like bad manners to point these things out. For those with global perspective, however, the truth is there to be seen. In the meantime, if one is offended by British heritage there are still other options… the Dominican Republic, Iran, Venezuela, etc.

  5. Some good points there Shinty. And lets not forget Australia, which is one of the most popular destinations in the world for people looking for a new life.

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