April 28, 2011 cameron

Cameron Coming To America!

Hey folks, just a note to let you know that Chrissy and I will be in the US of A from July 20 until Aug 11. We’ll mostly be in Las Vegas, Southern Utah and then perhaps NY or Seattle. If any of you would like to catch up for a single malt, a cigar and a chat about the Emperor, then let me know! I’d love to meet some of you!

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  1. Ian in England

    Just discovered this …(and podcasts in general and I am hooked….I am doing three episodes a day! I had thought I was clued up on Napolean but my British taught perspective was so far off the Mark. Brilliant stuff I will donate to the website…you should do a Dan Carlin ….’all we ask is a Buck a show’. j Davind Markham and you are amazing at getting over amazing facts……

  2. Spencer

    Same here NYC would be the best,
    Talk about the Emperor and his extraordinary

  3. Heath Cockerham

    Cameron, been thinking on and off about a topic that I believe you could “piggy-back” off of the Napoleon Podcast–(which for various reasons seems to have run its course–much to my disappointment)Anyway: Explore the life and “career” of Napoleon III! While certainly not the “towering” figure that his uncle cut, Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte was a fascinating figure in French History (ruling longer than his uncle!)and really does deserve a more fair treatment in terms of historical analysis–hell–his love life would fill 2 to 3 podcasts alone! Enjoy your visit to the states and if you find yourself down and around the cradle of the American Nation (Virginia)–please don’t hestitate to contact for a personalized tour of some early American historical sites–Thanks for your many years of historical creativity and input–Heath Cockerham

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