May 31, 2010 cameron

Napoleon’s Penis

It may be distasteful, but I just read this story in Time about the fate of Napoleon’s penis and thought it worth sharing here. According to Time:

People have been fixated on Napoleon’s penis since Napoleon’s doctor allegedly cut it off during his autopsy in 1821 and gave it to a priest in Corsica. The penis, which was not properly preserved, has been compared over the years to a piece of leather, a shriveled eel and to beef jerky. In 1927 when it went on display in Manhattan, TIME weighed in, comparing it to a “maltreated strip of buckskin shoelace.” It’s enough to give anyone a complex! In 1977, a urologist living in New Jersey purchased the modern-day relic for $3,000 and stored it under his bed until he died 30 years later. His daughter inherited Napoleon’s penis and has fielded at least one $100,000 offer.

Read more:,28804,1988719_1988728_1988695,00.html#ixzz0pTG4ZUA5

You have to ask yourself…. WHY???

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  1. What’s amusing in a perfectly juvenile sense is that on that Time post, but not here, I could push a “like” button to like Napoleon’s Penis.

  2. Peter Horne


    Talk about inflation…or is that engorgement? Betcha’ Monsieur l’Empereur thought it was worth more than that!

  3. Maxamillion

    Is the series going to continue? Seems we have lots of topics that could still be covered. I was in Alcase recently and saw a nice monument for General Rapp. Shows that focus on one general or marsal would be intresting.

    • Cameron

      Hi Maxamillion, David and I have both had a pretty busy year, but we’re in discussions at the moment about doing another show, so stay tuned!

  4. Fouché/ Talleyrand^^^

    OMG, make another episode already!!! If you both can’t be in it… that’s fine. Change the format, shake it up, see if there really is a ‘Betsy and the emperor’ movie you can do interviews on. Come on Markham, I want to learn!

  5. TC72

    I heard a different story about Boney’s penis. It is said that it was bitten off by josephine in a fit of temper. They say that the stump is somewhere in the British Museum her teeth marks still in it.

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