January 13, 2010 cameron

The Shed Gives Us A Nice Review

A very generous review of this show by the strangely-named blog “What The Shed Looks At“. And what a list of podcasts we’re associated with!

Another episode coming soon folks – I’m working on some very special guests!


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  1. Cameron Reilly

    Hi Colin

    Yes it is a WordPress template, somewhat doctored up by my IT team at Xminds.com. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Hey,

    I just figured I would hop on and say that the blog is called the shed crew because we are five guys who hang out a lot at a shed at a friend’s house. We started the blog to share things that we think each other will like.

    I am about to do a Tim Minchin post because I a have fallen completely in love with his music in the last week or two and then we will be posting pictures of us setting christmas trees on fire in the backyard.

    Good stuff and thanks again for the podcast and TPN. I listen to No Illusions and really appreciate what you have done for podcasts.

    Unfortunately I am pretty poor so nice words are really all I have.

  3. How about a Haiti special?

    I read somewhere that ‘poly lost 50,000 troops, including 18 generals in Haiti, or Saint Domingue.

  4. Cameron

    James – Tim Minchin is brilliant! And I’m so glad you’re a No Illusions listener. That’s the most important podcast I produce (IMHO).

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