June 22, 2009 cameron

Napoleon rides again

Waterloo re-enactment
Photo:Dominique Faget/AFP

From AFP:

French lawyer Franck Samson, dressed as Napoleon, takes part with some 1,200 history enthusiasts from 20 European countries in the reeanactment of the battle of Waterloo. On June 18, 1815, Napoleon led his 72,000-strong army into battle with 120,000 mostly British and Prussian soldiers on the gently rolling plateau of Waterloo.

More story here.

If anyone knows how to reach Monsieur Samson, please let me know, as I’d love to invite him onto the show.


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  1. Shako

    Napoleon rules! Why wasn’t I told? Now I feel left out and betrayed.

    That lawyer is famous! And just for dressing up as Napoleon!

  2. Spencer

    One more thing…: In the atrical it says:
    “And off they marched, singing what was no doubt an authentic Napoleonic-era song: something about alcohol.” Do you know what the song could be? I would like to know so I can log it in to my files of resurch for my film and to have them sing it later when I shoot that scene….and put it in the script!

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