May 5, 2009 cameron

Where To Buy A Napoleon Hat

From the time I became obsessed with Napoleon I have wanted to own a Napoleonic-style bicorn. But I’ve never found a place that sells them – I mean, high quality ones, not the cheesy costume style.

In the comments section of an old post, Captain Flunky has pointed me to this site which seems to make a perfect replica (scroll down to the bottom of the page). The company is based in Philadelphia and their Web site is pretty old (Nicholas Stark – perhaps you can pay them a visit and see if they still exist!).

napoleon bicorn hat

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  1. Cameron

    Wow! That’s cheap. I think. Wonder what S&H to Australia is like?

  2. For all interested, I actually bought one of their hats and just got it within the past few days. It is pretty nice quality material, and looks stunning! Thanks, Cam, for pointing this company out!

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