December 3, 2008 cameron

NAP 01

NAP 01

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Do you think a fan of The Emperor owns this Brisbane Benz I spotted yesterday?

As Nicholas Stark pointed out in the comments to the last show, December 2 was the 204th anniversary of Napoleon and Josephine’s coronation. I hope you all raised a glass of your finest medication in his honour. I did!

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  1. Edna

    Ha, you would expect the Emperor to have a Renault or Citroen rather than a German vehicle.

    At my last plate renewal I was tempted to apply for my own personalized plate “69NAP21” or “NAPOLEON”. However, the clerk was rather surly, so I did not dare ask. Plus, it is $250 that could be better spent elsewhere. So instead I had the following decal made:
    I hope the link works!


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