August 8, 2008 cameron

Interminable Delays!

Sorry folks – David and I just wanted to apologize for the longer-than-usual break between shows! We’ve both been crazy busy since getting back from France, with lots of interstate trips in our schedules and it’s been hard to get together. We’ve got one scheduled for the week of the 18th!

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  1. Cameron

    Wow Bryan thanks for sharing that link, I’ve never heard that story before. David and I did discuss at some stage how Napoleon refused to use balloons for some reason and how adopting that innovation might have helped him but I never knew it was because his coronation balloon crashed on the tomb of Nero!

  2. matt jones

    Hi – how do i get episodes 1-4 onto my Ipod (Itunes begins with episode #5)? any help, much appreciated.

  3. Bob

    Hi, just writing to say thanks for the recommendation of Moscow: 1812. I bought it just a few hours ago and already find it a very interesting, extremely readable history. Also… I recall hearing on one of your podcasts that David Markham has produced an English translation of Napoleon’s daily bullitens.. If this recollection is correct, what is the published title?


    Bob (Nasvhille, Tn U.S.)

  4. matt jones

    Cameron – thanks so much for posting the first chapters. Don’t worry about “interminable delays”, I’ve got about 50 podcasts to catch up on!

  5. Michelle

    Thanks Cameron and David for a wonderful podcast. I am a great fan. The best thing about discovering the podcast a couple of years later is that I can listen to podcast daily. Was there ever a Napoleon conference in Australia? I am from Perth.

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