The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast #43 – Sir Hudson Lowe

The story of Napoleon’s years on St Helena is dominated by one man, whose name is infamous in Napoleonic history – Sir Hudson Lowe, Napoleon’s “jailer”.

Hudson Lowe

The Duke of Wellington later said that he was “a very bad choice; he was a man wanting in education and judgement. He was a stupid man, he knew nothing at all of the world, and like all men who knew nothing of the world, he was suspicious and jealous”.

On today’s show we discuss the arrival of Lowe to St Helena and Napoleon’s forced move to new premises, Longwood.
Longwood today. Photo by G.Wilson (see the Travelling Historian site for more great photos of Longwood.)

We also talk a bit about Corsica and Paris! Keep an eye out for the DVD pack which I’ll hopefully have ready in a few weeks.

My Photo in Schmap Paris Guide!

You know how I’m a big Napoleon geek, right?

Well a photo I took of Napoleon’s tomb in Paris back in 2004 has been selected for the Schmap Paris Guide! Check the link below.

PS… a new show coming this week… we promise!!!!

Interminable Delays!

Sorry folks – David and I just wanted to apologize for the longer-than-usual break between shows! We’ve both been crazy busy since getting back from France, with lots of interstate trips in our schedules and it’s been hard to get together. We’ve got one scheduled for the week of the 18th!

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