March 19, 2008 cameron

Napoleon manga

My thanks to Brian who, in the comments of a recent post mentioned there was a mange comic about Napoleon by HASEGAWA TETSUYA. I did some research and found an online store selling them.

Napoleon Manga

I’ve found a site that discussed the comic which I’ve translated for your reading pleasure here.

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  1. Spazman

    What’s Wellington going to do against Super Saiyan Napoleon?

  2. Brian

    In the May 2008 issue of Armchair General, there is two articles related to Napoleon. First is interview of Ben Weider, the head of International Napoleonic Society in page 22 to 25. In his interview, he discuss about his view of Napoleon and about his death. The second article is book review of Ben Weider’s The Wars against Napoleon: Debunking the Myth of the Napoleonic Wars.

    PS: Any plan for Eugene Bearhaus?

  3. Hello! all you Napoleon and History enthusiasts, this is a dispatch from Studio45 (we are in the moment producing a narrated comic/video about Europe and Napoleon from 1794 through to his tragic end on St Helena).
    Today a sketch was published of a portrait of Napoleon (as a young officer).
    Not the real deal, just a sketch, but we liked it so much that we thought we’d let everyone have a glimpse.
    I am happy to say that we are rolling and the teaser is now in the pipeline. And at the same time we are building the pipeline we need to get us through all the episodes in one piece and preferably without an ulcer ore having a nervous breakdown….

    We will be publishing little tidbits and interesting stuff about all the different artists that are going to contribute, and bits and pieces from the production too.
    We are also closing in on the day we sett the date for the premiere this spring.
    To get all this check us out on:


    Have a good one and take care everybody.


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