March 13, 2008 cameron

The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast #38 – Napoleon’s Options

Let me start off by apologizing for my audio – it seems I had the wrong microphone on. Luckily I’m just the button pusher so the impact is small. 🙂

In today’s episode, David explains the range of options Napoleon considered after his abdication of 22 June, 1815. Should he go to England, Russia, Austria or the United States?

This show is based on David’s book “Napoleon For Dummies”.


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  1. Thanks for a great episode guys. I had never realised that there was this period between Waterloo and St Helena and how interesting it is. It reminds me of the period in 1688 in England when James II had been overthrown but for a few weeks he remained in the country basically as an embarassment.

  2. HI, I JUST WANTED TO TOUCH BASE WITH YOU. I’ve been listening to your Napoleon podcasts for the last 3 months. When I subscribed, I had thought that it was a podcast series that had been done and completed. (as the start date is 2006) and i subscribed and downloaded all the episodes. I listen to them at work and just keep listening and listening (loving every minute by the way!!) Then…pow…, I’m current. So you need to add some new ones now. (smile)

    Just so you know, I am probably not your typical Napoleon 101 listener. I am a 47 year old woman. One who found history interesting, but never really paid attention. Unfortunately I found my way into drugs and alcohol in my early years and “succeeded” in becoming an alcoholic and drug addict. I am now clean and sober 10 years and still have some brain cells left!!!
    Well, I am also a “motorcycle enthusiast” and in some circles considered a biker. (which I am!)

    I have to tell you that I enjoy the hell out of your podcasts. I have learned so much. I am sure that if this was the format when I was in school, I would have learned so much more. Don’t get me wrong though, I had some great teachers which is where the initial interest came in. But this is so interesting and funny, and personal….I just thank you both for taking the time.

    As soon as you spoke about your Biography podcasts, I went right out and subscribed. Thanks again. Lee Peters, Park City, Montana!!

  3. Cameron

    Lee, thanks for the comments! Great to know that people from different backgrounds find something to enjoy in the show! I agree with you that this format has a great deal of potential for education, both of children and adults. I would love to see more educational podcasts on TPN in the future.

  4. Donald Desaulniers

    Great Podcast Guys! The biography show is also a great initiative. Keep ’em coming!

    I have a request and a comment.

    1)Can you either post or direct us to a comprehensive reading list or bibliography on Napoleonic history. (I actually find your web site a bit confusing)

    2)Your audience in North America may be interested to know that there is an interesting road show managed by the Russel Etling Co. on Napoleon currently touring in the USA.

    Vive l’empereur!

    Donald de Montréal Québec

  5. Hi, guys,

    Thanks for the comments. Lee, nice to hear from your neck of the woods. I was in Helena a few days last year and its a beautiful state. Don, your request is difficult, as the number of books is simply staggering and growing almost daily. Do you want general biographies or specialized topics (e.g. 100 Days, Russian Campaign, etc). I’ve always planned to include a biographical listing with each show, but have been just too darned busy to do that. Of course, I assume you’ve read all of mine. 🙂

    The exhibition you mention was called ‘Napoleon, an Intimate Portrait,’ but is now called ‘Treasures of Napoleon.’ Its produced by an acquaintance of mine, Russel Etling. It is currently on exhibit at the Louisiana State Museum’s Old U.D. Mint in the New Orleans French Quarter (where else). You can find more information at the following website:

    For those who may be in the Seattle area this coming fall and winter, there will be another exhibition on Napoleon in Egypt. I’ll keep you posted as plans progress. The Frye Art Museum will use quite a few of my pieces and I’ll be giving a lecture or two. In fact, we plan to have a Napoleonic Historical Society regional in association with the exhibition.



  6. Hi guys! I just found the napoleon podcast this weekend, and definetly it rocks! I’ve already heard 15 episodes ( I recorded them and heard them on a car trip from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo (Brazil). I just can’t get enough of you guys. I’ve got not much history knowlegde (I am a doctor) but now that I got some time I guess I’ll learn some more, and specialy from your podcast. I’d buy your book if I hadn’t had problems with before. Actualy, I think I’m gonna get it, anyway! Is there any other book you would specialy recomend after the Dummies?

  7. Cameron

    Welcome to the show Fernando! I can recommend all of J. David Markham’s books (trying to get that in before he does!) as well as NAPOLEON by Vincent Cronin as great starting points for anyone wanting to get an introduction to Napoleon’s career and life.

  8. Hi Fernando.

    We had a debate about the effect of Napoleon’s activities on the history of Brazil some time back. I think it was on one of the Peninsular War episodes.

  9. Gents, did you see this Berkeley Groks podcast about Napoleon, Egypt, and science?

    “Napoleonic Science — Berkeley Groks 2008-03-26 (March 26, 2008)
    The exploration of Egypt and the middle east remained largely unknown to European scientists until 1798. At that time, a group of scientists, engineers, and artists began exploring the region under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte. On this program, Nina Burleigh discussed Napoleon, his scientists, and the exploration of Egypt.”

  10. Cameron Reilly

    Bryan, thanks for the reminder about Berkeley Groks! I haven’t listened to that podcast in years. Used to really enjoy it. Will check out that episode in particular!

  11. Hello! all you Napoleon and History enthusiasts, this is a dispatch from Studio45 (we are in the moment producing a narrated comic/video about Europe and Napoleon from 1794 through to his tragic end on St Helena).
    Today a sketch was published of a portrait of Napoleon (as a young officer).
    Not the real deal, just a sketch, but we liked it so much that we thought we’d let everyone have a glimpse.
    I am happy to say that we are rolling and the teaser is now in the pipeline. And at the same time we are building the pipeline we need to get us through all the episodes in one piece and preferably without an ulcer ore having a nervous breakdown….

    We will be publishing little tidbits and interesting stuff about all the different artists that are going to contribute, and bits and pieces from the production too.
    We are also closing in on the day we sett the date for the premiere this spring.
    To get all this check us out on:


    Have a good one and take care everybody.


  12. Isabel

    Hi David and Cameron:

    I am a History student at University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. I am Colombian and have a great love for Napoleon. I have Napoleon stickers, bookmarks and an action figure. I haven’t listen to all of them as I just started to listen to the podcast but wanted to tell you that I love the show and I also love The Biography show. I would loev if you did an episode of The Biography show on Otto Von Bismark who is my other history soft spot. Thank you so much for both this shows. Also David I am very sorry you retired because I would love to have been your student.

    Thank you so much for both podcasts,


  13. Adam

    Mr. Markham and Mr. Reilly,

    I just wanted to say that I love the show. Your podcasts have altered the way I view history. I have always enjoyed history up until about the fall of the Roman Empire. Before that time period, teachers always go out of their way to teach you about the cultures. But after that period , up and through college history classes, History is taught as an endless line of Kings and Queens. Most mentioned for only a few minutes. The culture and problems of the day are skipped. The rivalries are ignored. Names and dates are the only thing left. Focusing on Kings and Queens is only interesting if you get to learn more about them than the years they reigned and their name. But, as I said above, I never felt this way about anything before the Fall of the Roman Empire. You guys keep in the interesting aspects and have made Napoleonic England a fascinating topic.

    I love the length and discussion format of your show. Every single other podcast I have found about History has been either short (10 minutes seems common) and scripted (its so annoying to hear people just read and essay they wrote). Sadly… most are scripted and short. Your comments and conversation (anything from complaining about income taxes to Cameron mentioning how people complain about his comments on Bush) help keep the show a bit lighter and fun.

    Thank you for such a great podcast and for deepening my appreciation for History, especially something after the Fall of the Roman Empire.

  14. Adam

    And, by the way I’m currently listening to episode 20 (The War in Spain Part 2) so luckily have still have some to go before I’m current with your show.

  15. Isabel,

    Thanks for the kind comments. I have mixed emotions about retiring at my young age, until, that is, I realize I no longer have to get up at 5:15 in the morning! but I’m just down the road from you in Olympia, so if you are ever in the area come by and we can discuss our favorite topic over my favorite medication!


  16. Peter Hein

    i enjoy the pod cast

    i just got up to episode 38; unfortunately the iTunes version is only 2 min long; it appears to have been cut off

    is it possible to re-post episode 38 to iTunes

    Thank you

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