February 9, 2008 cameron

The Biography Show #001 – Alexander The Great

Well as you know, David and I have been threatening to inflict another podcast series on you for a while and I’m happy to announce that one of them is finally here!

And it isn’t the one we were expecting to launch first.

Introducing – The Biography Show.

The idea behind The Biography Show is to examine the lives of some of history’s most influential people. We kick off the series with a 90 minute talk about the life of Alexander III of Macedon, otherwise known as Alexander “The Great”.

The Biography Show

We still intend on doing a Napoleon-type series on Caesar sometime this year but we’re both waiting for our schedules to clear up a little.

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  1. david

    ^ same here. I’m going through the Napoleon series (on 8 now) and am glad there’s more to come.

  2. Marc

    (sorry for the crossposting)
    hey guys, great first episode. Very much enjoyed it.

    I’m currently taking classes in ancient greek and thought you might find this an interesting tidbit (if you don’t know it already of course lol)

    the names Paris and Alexandros in greek are more or less interchangeable, the prince of Troy was also known as Alexandros, but I thought you guys might find the etymology of alexander of interest. it essentially means defender of man. from the greek αλεξω (alexo, the verb to shield or defend) and αδρος (andros, meaning man)

  3. Blafin

    I am searching for this on I-Tunes but having trouble finding it – any help anyone? (what should I search for). I looked through the four pages of TPN listings and did searches for ‘The Biography Show’ and ‘Alexander the Great’ but couldn’t find it.

    – It will be so much easier if I can subscribe to it in I-Tunes so that I can get the automatic download


  4. Sean

    Haven’t had a chance to listen to this yet…but I can only imagine it will be as engaging, entertaining and informative as the Napoleon 101 Podcast. You’ve got yourselves another loyal listener…and you can count on my support for the planned Caesar 101 podcast. Thanks for making history more entertaining than the majority of podcasts out there.

  5. Maulik

    david & Cameron,

    i have been a regular listner for the napoleon series & have been addicted to the show, i have downloaded all the episodes & are wonderfully informative.

    my only request is to add some more anacdotes betn the show. it makes it more intresting. david, plz ignore the requests from cameron to finish the show in an hour. plz take as much time as you need.

    plz also try to get a show done for Hannibal, as he is also one of the most interesting and brilliant generals of his time.

    guys, take care of your health and keep the shows coming.


  6. Bruce

    Hi again. It is great to see that another podcast is being considered. I would very much like to see a French Revolution podcast, something covering the years 1788-89 to 1799. That would be a great delight and I think it would build on the strengths of the Napoleon 101 podcast. Is that likely to happen? I understand that the long and very interesting story of Napoleon is not yet complete (and indeed, I don’t look forward to it ending), but I’m still curious on whether or not a French revolution series is planned.

    I will have a look at the Alexander the Great podcast and the Biography series shortly.

    Please don’t worry about the length of the podcast. If two hours are needed, that is more than fine with me! In my view, freedom from the length constraints that afflict traditional radio and television is one of the great virtues of podcasts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been listening to an enjoyable radio broadcast (such as the BBC’s Thinking Allowed) where interesting subjects and questions are left unexplored since the host is under pressure to wrap up the program according to a pre-determined schedule.

    Please keep up the good work!

  7. Phillip

    I’m enjoying the Napoleon series currently. Is the Alexander or Caesar program still on its’ way? Hopefully it hasn’t been shelved. I agree that a French Revolution series could be great.

    As for the timing of the podcasts, I prefer it when they are around an hour. But then again, a long show is better than no show! The format of the show is very good by the way.

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