January 31, 2008 cameron

The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast #36 – The End Of The Empire

In this episode David explains the Machiavellian machinations of Joseph Fouche in the days after Waterloo; how Napoleon was trying to manage the destiny of the Empire from his bath; and the events leading up to Napoleon’s final abdication from the throne and then declaring a regency in the name of his son, Napoleon II.

This show is based on David’s book “Napoleon For Dummies”.


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  1. Luis

    Just FANTASTIC!!

    Two episodes in such a short period of time… and now with video…

    You spoil your audience, gentleman…

    Keep doing it 🙂

    It is enormously appreciated… the sole problem with this show is that it puts the standard of podcasting so high that a person tends to stop liking most of the other podcasts available elsewhere…

    Thank you!

  2. Austin

    Hey guys. Ummm, i cant find the video version of this on iTunes. I really want to see this! I’ve been an avide listener and i dont wanna miss out. HELP!!!!!

  3. Hey Guys,

    Great to have new episodes, especially now with Video!

    Cameron, what’s going on with the “Starring” credits flying by at 52:54 in the video podcast? I caught this text going by when I was watching the video podcast and I must admit I’m pretty confused. Is this a riddle of some sort? I have to think that this was deliberately included. For those who didn’t catch this just go to 52:54 into the video podcast and have the pause button ready. It reads:


    Iris as Bridgette
    Tore as Ivo
    Bridgetter as Iris
    Ivo as Tore

    Keep up the good work.


  4. Cameron

    Whoops! Looks like I must have accidentally dropped an extra copy of the pre-fabbed iMovie credits into the video! Please ignore. 🙂

  5. Trevor Hardcastle


    can anybody give me a link to the full song at the end of the show?


    • cameron

      I think it got lost somewhere along the line, server movements, hard drive crashes, etc.

  6. Michael Church

    Damn, really wanted to see what Scotch monsieur Markham was drinking. Just recently started the podcast and hit the Waterloo episodes right on the 200th Anniversary of the battle. Irish media here making the Irish connection with Wellesley and all. Oh, the shame.

  7. Sean Santos

    I have been listening to the podcast and find it very interesting. I have been learning a lot. However, I think both of you idolatrize Napoleon. Napoleon conquers half of Europe and puts his family in charge of it? Blame the british for not wanting peace. Why should they accept that state of affairs? How could they be sure that Napoleon would stop there? Would it be wise for the british to just accept that Germany, 100 years after Napoleon, wanted to control all of Europe?

    I have finished episode #17, and for you Napoleon is always the victim of the circumstances. Maybe, sometimes he was indeed. But he also was a warmonger.

    I also find it interesting to see how Mr Reilly, who, if I understood well, is a critic of the british monarchy comes with all possible excuses to justify Napoleon’s take of power and, later, the instauration of the Empire.

    Also, I don’t remember you mentioning the fact that he restored slavery in the french colonies.

    • cameron

      Sean, what’s your definition of “warmonger”? My dictionary says “one who urges or attempts to stir up war” and I’d ask for your evidence that Napoleon attempted to stir up war. Maybe you have better sources than I do, but all I can see is Napoleon make peace treaties which the other nations continually broke. And if you listen to the rest of the series, we actually do a few episodes on Haiti. Thanks for listening!

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