July 2, 2007 cameron

Please Support Our Show – Nominate Us for a Podcast Award

Your reviews on iTunes. Your emails. Contest entries. Posts on our blog. We ask for so little.

I know what you’re thinking: What else can I do to help support my friends at the Napoleon 101 Podcast?

This year for the first time ever we’re going to go for an official Podcast Award from PodcastAwards.com.

Will you help?

1) Just click the link to go to www.podcastawards.com.

2) Click on the small blue text in the top box that says “Click here to nominate.”

3) When there, you can enter us in People’s Choice and one other category. But since we probably will never win the People’s Choice, don’t bother with that one.

Just nominate us in the Education category. Don’t nominate us for any other category – if you nominate us for more than one category (with the exception of “People’s Choice,”) neither vote counts!

You have to fill out our show’s name and our URL like this:

Napoleon 101


4) Then, you have to go to the bottom of the page and enter your name, your email, and whether you’re a podcaster, listener or both.

5) Hit “Submit” and you’re done!

You can only nominate us once, so when you’ve taken care of this, you’re done!

Will you take three minutes and help us out? We’d really appreciate it.

And if you have other podcasts you enjoy, be sure to nominate them, too. Especially shows on The Podcast Network. Spread the love. (Just not in the “Education” category, OK?)

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It would mean a lot to us to be nominated.

Comments (7)

  1. David & Lynn Betz

    Love the show- listen back and forth to our boat and it has made th drive a true delight- You should win the Podcast awards.

  2. Kahlila Tovia

    Wonderful wonderful show. Just nominated you fellows. A big hearty thanks from the Napoleon admirers amongst us Georgia Tech engineers.

  3. Brad Weston

    Have listened to the entire run of shows. Loved the banter between the hosts and the excellent depth of content for podcast media.

  4. Alan Ruben

    Voting not open until 28/07/2007

    Great podcast, especially when driving, Listened to 1-12 driving Darwin-Brisbane-Darwin (~7,200km) and 13-16 inclusive Darwin-Wadeye-Darwin (~800km). Tomorrow going to Koolpin Gorge (public holiday in the Northern Territory) and planning 17-20 as only 700km or so. Wife and sister-in-law now also Napoleon 101 addicts, they are up to 24 so have to catch up!

    Definitely the best podcast around and will eagerly await J. Caesar when NB finished

  5. Henry Karpinski

    I can’t adequately convey to you gentleman how much I have enjoyed,
    /am enjoying your Napoleon series. I live at the Grand Canyon and do a fair amount of hiking in the Chasm…most recently though, with three new friends; Mr. Reilly, Mr Markham, and General Bonaparte.

    Endless thanks!

  6. Henry,

    Thanks for the nice comments. I used to live in Phoenix and hiked down and up the Canyon a few times. Its a beautiful place. Glad you have three new friends to take along!

    Brad, I’m not a Ramblin’ Wreck, but I’m glad that you and your engineer friends are listening. Same for Alan and Brad.



  7. Marcia

    I’ve been a French teacher for 20 years and always loved Napoleon though I was ashamed to admit it! No longer. Please, continue to make the parallels with current events. Merci Beaucoup.
    OH, USA

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