June 11, 2007 cameron

Napoleon’s Marengo sword sold

Napoleon's sword

The sword was carried by Napoleon — who was not yet emperor — into the battle of Marengo in June 1800, when he launched a surprise attack to push the Austrian army from Italy and seal France’s victory, sold Sunday for more than $6.4 million, an auction house said.

Read the full details here.

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  1. Joshua Parker

    That lucky bastard just getting to touch the sword would be an unbelievable experience. Estimated worth of 1.6 million but sold for 6.4 millions, perhaps Napoleonic interest is on the rise.

    All thanks to Cameron and David no doubt >_>

  2. Cameron – was fascinated to hear about the Bonaparte podcast yesterday at Evolve! I myself have been fascinated with French History and in particular Josephine so this podcast interests be very much!

  3. Joshua,

    I’m sad to say I was outbid at the last second! NOT! Don’t I wish!! Of course, we’d like to think that we have some small hand in increasing interest in and knowledge of Napoleon. Tens of thousands of listeners can’t be wrong!

    Bronny, welcome to the show and we hope you enjoy it!



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