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  1. K.C.

    Nice shirt, but can’t we see one of you modeling it?
    I’ve been catching up on your older shows for about a week now and they’re wonderful! They’re the perfect thing to listen to while at work here in Burbank, CA, although I get strange looks when my coworkers suddenly hear me bust up laughing. You got me a good one today when you said you didn’t think it’d be appropriate to mention Bush in an episode about peace. Nice one!

    Just to get even, I thought of you two the other day when I found this sketch on YouTube:

    It’s about some habits the British army had at the end of the eighteenth century that probably made Napoleon laugh a few times himself. (If you have trouble not spitting tea on your keyboard, we’ll be even.)

    Keep up the great job (and take as long as you want)!

  2. Cameron

    KC, mine is on order and as soon as I get it, I will model it for you! No problems.

    loved the video! Very Pythonesque!

  3. KC,

    Cute video! Speaking of cute, in due course I’ll have one of the shirts (we may be changing the logo just a bit) and model it for our listeners as well. Hmmm, maybe we’ll do a poll as to who is the sexiest model in the shirt! HMMM, perhaps not. (blush).


  4. K.C.

    I can’t wait! I’ve no doubt you’ve both got the perfect figures for radio!


  5. Hey People

    Just got back from my Napoleon exam!

    I’m from Great Britain and was doing my A level History exam on Napoleon this morning

    Fantastic questions!

    1. To what extent was continious British opposition responsable for Napoleon’s downfall?

    2. Napoleon was the main reason why France was so successful in Europe up to 1807. How far do you agree with this statement?

    Thanx to the podcast (and my lengthy revision ofcourse) I had so much to write!

    For the first question I referred to Britain’s refusal to make peace, the continental system, the spanish and russian campaigns as well as the strengths of the fourth coalition.

    For the second I wrote about the weaknesses of Napoleon’s enemies, the army he inherited, his use of tactics and strategy and his brilliant generalship. I ofcourse referred to Austerlitz, Ulm, The Italian campaign, Jena etc.

    The debate and knowledge in the podcats proved invaluable, especially becuase the exam required you to argue different oppinions and I’ve picked up so many listening to the show.

    Thanx for everything, bring on episode 22!:)

    Take care

  6. Cameron

    Richard, great to know we could help ALTHOUGH… I’m not sure any British history teachers are going to like OUR perspective! I hope you said all the things they wanted to hear like “Napoleon was an ogre, Hurrah for the British Empire, Long Live the King, pip pip old fellow,” and stuff like that. 🙂

  7. Yeh! well I ofcourse presented all that but I had some very strong counter arguments. For example, I said some historians may argue Napoleon was an agressive ogre who was only interested in conquering europe but I counted this by sighting the numerous examples where Napoleon was forced into wars and battles due to the coalitions. I did my coursework on Napoleon and argued he was a military genius and I got an A so attitudes have changed some what!:)I think my history class was starting to get fed up of my pro-napoleonic stance, due to the fact that I had the evidence to support it!

  8. Cameron

    Well done sir! Of course, if you had been studying under David you would have got an A++++!

  9. KC,

    The perfect figures for radio! Oh, the unkindest cut of all! And this to a man who just lost 20 pounds (thanks to surgery, which is the easy way to do it!). We changed the logo a bit to further feed our egos (well, mine, anyway).

    Richard, glad you were able to use us to help in your exams. No doubt you cited us a a source! Actually, I hope that you promoted the podcast to your class.

    Help me out here. A level history exam? Is that high school, college, what? Tell this old teacher more!

    And yes, you clearly deserve an A+



  10. Ah its basically the qualifications you need to get to get into university:) I did highlight the podcast to my history class and my history teacher has taken down the web site address and will give it to future classes:)

    I did quote you as a source btw!:D I said that J. David Markham sighted the peninsular war as the origin of Napoleon’s downfall (Hope you don’t mind:)

    I get my results on August 16th so I’ll let you know how I did:)

  11. Peter Murray

    Studying military history as a Duntroon cadet, I was raised to believe Wellington thrashed Napoleon single-handed and that the Yanks fought unfairly in the War of Independence. Shock, horror to learn at the age of 73 from you both that Napoleon beat almost evryone and that the Yanks simply modernised insurgency warfare. I love the Napoleon series and am listening carefully to each episide, treating them as the diamonds they are. Thank you so much for all the work and effort. You have turned my previous understanding of European Napoleonic history on its ear… and I love it!

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