April 12, 2007 cameron

“Napoleon VII” In Fontainebleau

I was just reading this story about how His Imperial Highness Charles Napoleon, great-great-grandson of Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother Jerome, King of Westphalia, is standing for parliament in Fontainebleau. I had to smile at this line:

Incredibly, Mr Napoleon is also 1,120th in line to the British throne, thanks to the marriage in 1807 between Jerome Bonaparte and German princess Katherine of Wurttemberg.

Imagine – a Napoleon on the throne of England. How hard could it be to make 1119 people disappear?

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  1. I believe that Napoleon III’s son was killed in active service in the British Army during the Zulu wars – so maybe it wouldn’t be that surprising.

    Incidentally there was an article on BBC Radio 4 this morning about the battle of Copenhagen. Apparently the British were working on intelligence that Napoleon had planted, and he never intended to actually seize the Danish fleet after all.

    I don’t know if this is news to historians, but it is certainly news to me.

    Can I just apologise to the Danes on behalf of Nelson and my fellow countrymen. We are really sorry for sinking your fleet and flattening your capital city. It was all a misunderstanding after all.


  2. FNH

    Theres an old film called “Kind Hearts and Coronets” where the lead character kills his way to the Dukedom. He got caught, and he only had about 9-12 to knock-off. So I reckon after about the first 1000 deaths people might get suspicious!

  3. Bryan,

    It isn’t just the Economist. I was in Paris earlier this week and had dinner with a business associate. He came out with the suggestion that Sarkosy might be the next Napoleon. He seemed quite dissappointed when I said that I hoped not!


  4. V.E.G.

    Napoleon VII is a distant cousin of Oakland resident Herbert Benton Connor.

    Both are descendants of Napoleon Bonaparte through his father Carlo.

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