March 18, 2007 cameron

The Napoleon Podcast gets a mention in USA TODAY

My co-host, the right honourable J. David Markham, did an interview recently with a journalist from USA TODAY and as a result our little show got a small mention in a bigger article about podcasting. Of course, they named the show incorrectly and didn’t link to it in the online article, but it’s still nice of them.

Here’s an online copy of the article

Comments (2)

  1. Antonio

    Congratulations – You really deserve all the praise you can get. Your podcast show stands out from all the others. Im looking forward for the next shows about the Peninsular war.


    Lisbon, Portugal

    PS: I really got start listening to the Imperial Glory podcast, which must be as fantastic as Napoleon 101.

  2. John G

    Yeah, that Imperial Glory Podcast sounds great! If it’s anywhere near as good as your Napoleon 101, it must be good.

    (only joking)

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