February 1, 2007 cameron

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  1. Nicholas Stark

    There seems to be a problem with this. I filled out the form and clicked on the activation link in the email, but it keeps telling me that it can’t find my subscription. Is anyone else experiancing this problem?


  2. Cameron

    Nicholas, it’s seems to work okay when I test it. Is anyone else having problems with it?

  3. Ub

    Hello Cameron,

    Subscribed today, hoping to det an e-mail of a new episode by tomorrow 🙂


  4. Cameron

    Thanks Ub! New show scheduled for Friday Aussie time this week. Hold onto your bicorne!

  5. Hello Cameron, hello David,

    I have been listening to your show for the last week or so (I first heard about it on the “History according to Bob” podcast), and I have reached episode 13 by now, so I nearly caught up. It’s great fun, please keep up the good work.

    Coming from Austria I knew of the disasters the Austrian army would be facing on a regular basis during the Napoleonic wars, but I am already curious to get to know your opinion on the tyrolean rebellion under Andreas Hofer in 1809.

    Best wishes,

  6. Cameron

    Hey Arno, welcome to the show! Bob Packett mentioned us on his show?? Wow! I’m a big fan of his podcast. In fact, it was his history podcast that inspired me to start this show. Any chance you can recall which episode of History According To Bob he mentioned us on? I’d love to listen to it.

    Regarding Hofer, hopefully we’ll have time to cover his deeds when we cover the Battle of Wagram. He was a brave and capable leader who I think Napoleon would have admired greatly even though on opposing sides. He was Napoleon’s kind of guy. Resourceful, action-oriented, brave, proud. Not the kind of guy you want on the other side!

  7. Hi Cameron,

    regarding Bob Packett’s podcast, that would be episode “Answers 28” from January 28th, right at the beginning.


  8. Cameron

    Thanks Arno! Just listening now, it’s great! And thanks to whoever it was who sent Bob the link about the show! Much appreciated!

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