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  1. Alan Ruben

    David and Cameron, this podcast is terrific.

    I have just completed a Darwin-Noosa rellie visiting drive as we do every 2 years, 3,400km or so each way and hence 70 hours of driving, during which I listened to Episodes 1-11, not continuously I hasten to add. Fantastic, kept me not only awake and amused but sane.

    Not only is it fascinating for someone who knows/knew nothing about Napoleon apart from history at school, it is highly entertaining as well. As a pair you work so well together, from the listeners end at least.

    I note some of the questioning in posts about interpretation and factual content. I cannot remember who said “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story”. I have no way of verifying the veracity of your opinions but I am confident with David’s reputation it is well researched to international standards and these differences of opinion are what makes academia so.

    Cameron, the whole concept and application of the Podcast Network is great.

    I hope you can manage a Napoleon conference in Australia otherwise my wife and I may have to take ourselves to Chicago later this year

    Best wishes and keep it up,


    If you want such demographic details:

    Gender: Male
    Age: Recently no longer 49
    Profession: Paediatrician and Public Health Physician
    Residence: Darwin, Australia
    Found the podcast though iTunes Staff Favourites

  2. Cameron

    Thanks Alan! Really appreciate the feedback, both on this show and TPN in general. I’d love to see a Napoleonic conference down here but I have no idea where we’d advertise it or find enough people to make it pay for itself.

    I think you’ll find our opinions on the show are just that – opinions! We never claimed to have no bias. 🙂

    That said, we do try our best to examine the case for and against. One of the objectives of the series though is to promote the “for” case as we both think the “history” most of us (especially if you were educated in “The Commonwealth”) learned about Napoleon was extremely biased towards the negative. It’s time for the other side of the story!

  3. Dale

    I anxiously await Episode 18, am dissappointed I have caught up with your recording schedule and am glad that, at this rate, you might never complete the series.

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