December 2, 2006 cameron

Vive Le Empereur!

Today, 2 December 2006, is the 202nd anniversary of Napoleon’s Coronation as Emperor Of The French and the 200th anniversary of the Battle Of Austerlitz. Vive Le Empereur!

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  1. Kaboth

    Wow 200 years a dynasty collapsed but far from forgotten. I wonder if there are any special re-enactments of Austerlitz occuring today to celebrate the occasion.

    Only a couple of months back there were re-enactments to celebrate one of the Prussian campaigns.

  2. Chris from Canada

    Hi Cameron, Hi David,

    I just wanted to drop you a quick line after finally having the chance to listen to The Sun of Austerlitz podcast.

    I am really enjoying this series, and hope that you might perhaps have plans for a Napoleon 201 or even 301? How about some graduate studies levels? 🙂

    One question, simply because the story of Prince Dolgoruky amused me: do either of you know if Napoleon was able to meet with the Prince AFTER the battle?

    Toronto, Canada

  3. Nicholas Stark

    Good monisuer, wouldn’t it be the 201st anniversary of the Battle of Austerlitz, since this is 2006, and that was in 1805? Shouldn’t the year of the correnation and the battle be precisely a year apart? I don’t mean to be piccky, but I just want to make sure I’m not missing somewhere along thelines here.

    Monsieur Stark

  4. Hey I like that mention of graduate studies levels.
    The J David Markham school of Napoleonic studies.
    Hmmm, sounds good.
    We could have different levels of studies with the first one, of course, being ‘Dummies’ .

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