November 9, 2006 cameron

Cameron & David in San Francisco

Cameron & David 2

Originally uploaded by cameronreilly.

Here’s a snap of David and I after our recording session in San Francisco, November 2006.

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  1. Hi Cameron and David

    I am loving your podcasts. Absolutely fantastic stuff – I listen to it when I do the washing up – my wife is very pleased that I’m doing it more often!

    Its great to be able to put some faces to the voices.

    Getting to the end is going to be like finishing a very good book. Very sad.

    Thank you so much.


  2. J. David Markham

    Dear Spencer,

    At the rate we are going, what makes you think we will ever get to the end! On the other hand, to save you from all that washing up, perhaps we should cut straight away to St Helena!

    Glad you’re enjoying the podcast. Where do you live?

    David the Sophisticated

  3. Greg

    Cam and David:

    Excellent job!

    I have been hooked on your podcasts for the past month now. I am enjoying every minute….so feel free to take as much time as needed!



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