September 12, 2006 cameron

Napoleon at Cherbourg


Originally uploaded by aurensfromarabia.

Cherbourg-Octeville is a town and commune in Normandy, north-west France.

David and I will be recording a new episode next week folks, so please stay tuned! We will be covering the tentative peace Napoleon signed with England known as the Treaty of Amiens, how it all fell apart, and why Napoleon developed The Continental System.

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  1. Oskar Oskarson

    Dear Mr Reilly,
    I am looking very much forward to the
    next episode. I have enjoyed tremendously listening to the
    previous episodes. Although I know the story fairly well I am learning new things, gaining perspective and perhaps most of all enjoying being in the company of men who understand this story the same way I do.
    I was fed much rubbish about the period and the man in school growing up and it used to amaze me how distorted the facts are still. Well it amazed me until I saw how the story of the Iraq war is being distorted, more or less successfully, as we watch it unfold.
    Many thanks for this wonderful program,

    Oskar Oskarson MD
    Carmel IN

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