Napoleon Bonaparte History

A brief Napoleon Bonaparte history and timeline:

15 August 1769: born

1799: stages a coup d’état and installs himself as First Consul

1793: publishes a pro-republican pamphlet, Le Souper de Beaucaire [Supper at Beaucaire]; appointed artillery commander of the republican forces at the siege of Toulon

1794: arrested for his association with the Robespierres (released after ten days)

5 October 1795: promoted to Commander of the Interior; defeated the Royalist insurrection with a “whiff of grapeshot”; given command of the Army of Italy

9 March 1796: married to Josephine de Beauharnais

1796: the Battles of Lodi, Arcole

1797: Treaty of Campo Formio

1798: French Invasion of Egypt; Napoleon’s troops discover the Rosetta Stone; the Battle of the Pyramids, The Battle of the Nile.

1799: Napoleon returns to France; 18 Brumaire 1799 he replaces the Directory with the Consulate, with himself at the head as First Consul.

1800: crosses the Alps into Italy; Battle of Marengo

1801: Treaty of Lunéville; Treaty of Amiens

1802: sells Louisiana to the United States; creates the Légion d’Honneur; made First Consul for Life; publishes the Napoleonic code

1804: execution of the Duke of Enghien; Napoleon crowned Emperor of The French on December 2, 1804

1805: War of the Third Coalition; the Ulm Campaign; The Battle of Trafalgar; The Battle of Austerlitz; commissions the Arc de Triomphe

1806: War of the Fourth Coalition; Battle of Jena-Auerstedt

1807: Battle of Eylau; the Treaties of Tilsit signed with Tsar Alexander I of Russia; the Peninsular War

1809: War of the Fifth Coalition; the Battle of Wagram; the Treaty of Schönbrunn

1810: divorces Josephine; marries the Austrian Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma

1812: French invasion of Russia; the Battle of Borodino; War of the Sixth Coalition

1813: the Battle of Dresden; the Battle of Leipzig

1814: 11 April, the first abdication. Exiled to Elba.

1815: escapes from Elba on 26 February; defeated at the Battle of Waterloo on 18 June 1815; requests asylum from the British Captain Frederick Maitland on HMS Bellerophon on 15 July; exiled to the island of Saint Helena.

5 May 1821: dies

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