Dear friends,

I’ve just been hit with a large hosting bill for TPN’s servers and bandwidth and unfortunately I don’t have the funds to cover it this month. So I have set up a special fund raising exercise via ChipIn which will run for this week. Out of TPN’s hundreds of thousands of listeners, I’m hoping a few hundred will be able to chip in $10 to help us stay on the air. Please click on the widget below if you’re willing to help out.

In other news…

I’ve been trying to get this DVD pack from Ajaccio finished and, while editing the video, I’ve made this “Introduction to Napoleon 101” clip that David and I shot at his house late last year. I hope you will enjoy this chance of seeing us chat briefly and that the glimpse you’ll get of David’s house and Napoleonic collection will entice you to purchase the DVD when it’s available. By the way, David and I have a recording sessions scheduled for this week!

An Introduction to The Napoleon 101 Podcast from Cameron Reilly on Vimeo.


I’ve set up a new Napoleon 101 page over at Facebook. I hope most of you will sign up for it and use it to continue the terrific conversation we’ve started here about Napoleon and other great people from history. Click here to join!