My Photo in Schmap Paris Guide!

You know how I’m a big Napoleon geek, right?

Well a photo I took of Napoleon’s tomb in Paris back in 2004 has been selected for the Schmap Paris Guide! Check the link below.

PS… a new show coming this week… we promise!!!!

Interminable Delays!

Sorry folks – David and I just wanted to apologize for the longer-than-usual break between shows! We’ve both been crazy busy since getting back from France, with lots of interstate trips in our schedules and it’s been hard to get together. We’ve got one scheduled for the week of the 18th!

Nicholas Stark’s Weblog

In my last post I mentioned Nicholas Stark, the 17 year-old student who joined us in Paris for a few days (he was actually there for two weeks, soaking himself in Napoleonic history). Well, with my encouragement, Nicholas has set up his own blog about Napoleon. From our conversations in Paris, I know he intends to pursue a career in history and I advised him to start building his brand with a blog. I’d like to encourage each of you to check out his writing on Napoleon (see link below). I’ve found him to be quite knowledgeable and passionate about the subject.

Link – Nicholas Stark’s Weblog

Some photos from Paris!

David Markham in The Louvre

Hey folks! Well I’m back in Australia after an AMAZING two weeks in France. The above photos, and a number of others you can find in the Napoleon 101 Flickr Group, was taken by our new friend Nicholas Stark, a 17 year-old student from the US who joined us for a couple of days in Paris.

On July 14, Bastille Day, we shot some video at Les Invalides, the Arc de Triomphe and Les Invalides. David provided some commentary of Napoleon’s tomb, the Arc, and various Napoleonic paintings and exhibits at The Louvre. This video, along with the audio and video recordings from the INS congress at Ajaccio, will be available on the DVD pack I’ll be putting out asap.

By the way, in the Flickr Group you’ll see a couple of photos taken at Changi Airport (Singapore) of the Legion Of Merit medal I was presented with, by David, at the Gala Dinner at the end of the Congress. It was a great honour and something every button pusher aspires to. David was also presented with the Medal Of The City Of Ajaccio by the Mayor of Ajaccio during a cocktail reception held at their city hall, beneath an original painting of Napoleon in his ceremonial robes from the coronation. There will be photos of that, and much much more, going up in the Flickr group over the next week or so, so keep an eye out.

Some Photos From A Listener

Tim O'Dwyer

Listener Tim O’Dwyer from Australia, who describes himself as “an old Aussie lawyer (who believes he could do a good plea of guilty for Prince Talleyrand)”, recently visited France and Israel with his wife and submitted some Napoleonis snaps from his visits to Malmaison and Jaffa. See more in the Napoleon 101 Flickr group. Thanks Tim!

The Waterloo Drum

A few weeks ago I took my kids for a drive out to Benalla in country Victoria to visit a few Ned Kelly memorial sites (Ned is a very famous Australian folk hero).

To my surprise, at the Benalla and District Historical Society, I discovered this display. It is, apparently, one of the drums used by the Dutch forces at Waterloo and was handed down to a local family.

Waterloo drum

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