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Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast #59 – Napoleon @ The NGV

Hey folks!

It’s been nearly 18 months since the last podcast! Can you believe it!?

This is a special episode to celebrate and promote a special Napoleonic event that is currently happening in Melbourne – Napoleon: Revolution to Empire.

I had the chance today to chat with Sophie Matthiesson, one of the curators at the National Gallery of Victoria. We spoke about how the exhibition came to be, a bit about some of the pieces on display (such as the wonderful “Napoleon Crossing The Alps” by David) and what she hopes people who attend the exhibition will learn about Napoleon.

I highly recommend attending the exhibition if you can and, if you can’t, at least check out the NGV website to read up on the exhibition.

Napoleon @ The NGV

Last Saturday, Chrissy and I had the pleasure of attending the opening day of “NAPOLEON : REVOLUTION TO EMPIRE” at the National Gallery of Victoria. I have to say – I was very impressed. The exhibition takes visitors from the last days of Louis XVI, through the Revolution, Reign of Terror, Consulate, Empire and St Helena. I thought they did a great job encapsulating Napoleon’s life and career. There are some major works, one of his bicornes from St Helena, uniforms, copies of the Code Napoleon, and much, much more. I will be recording an interview with one of the Curators of the exhibition this week and will have it online soon. If any of you have the chance to attend the exhibition (it runs until Oct 7), I recommend it highly!

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