Congrats To Monsieur Stark!

On behalf of David, myself and our audience, I’d like to congratulate our good friend Nicholas Stark for being accepted into the history masters program at Florida State University, in the Institute on the French Revolution and Napoleon!

Vive la révolution! French MP starts race to Napoleonland

From The Guardian:

Why simply take your children to pose with Mickey Mouse when they could be re-enacting the battle of Trafalgar in a giant aquarium – or dry-skiing past frozen corpses from Napoleon’s desperate retreat from Russia?

A French MP has laid down the gauntlet for a new generation of history-themed mega-rollercoasters with plans for Europe’s first theme-park based on the French general and emperor Napoleon.

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I know I’ll definitely be making a visit to this place if it gets off the ground. Hopefully they will be selling the DVD pack of this podcast in their gift shop?

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