Napoleon at the Bridge of the Arcole

A big shout out to listener John Holloway who writes:

Monsieur Reilly,

I recently discovered that I could acquire high resolution images of
various artworks from Considering my love of Napoleonic
imagery I could hardly resist finding myself a detailed scan of
Napoleon at the Bridge of Arcole. I trudged through the laborious task
of zooming in and saving high-resolution samples, then followed
reconstructing the 43 images into a perfectly aligned, high-definition
Jpeg file.

The scan is 2917 X 4187 pixel; 30.38 X 43.61 Inch

A store near my house will take images and mount then onto a fake
canvas. I’ve done this with other posters and images and they look
very nice. I am sure there are places down under that do the same.
I would like to share the image so that you – or anyone on Napoleon101 –
could have a copy or, if one is like me, print it out. Such a
masterpiece of Bonaparte propaganda is too difficult to hold to

-John Holloway

Thanks John! Everyone can download the high res version from my server here.

The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast #49 – Michael Kroger

Breaking away from talking to historians about Napoleon, today we have as our guest Australian businessman and political powerbroker, Michael Kroger.

Michael joins us to discuss his fascination with Napoleon, which extends to having 5 floors of his Melbourne mansion decorated in the Empire Style and owning (among other things) one of only seven original copies of “Napoleon After The Abdication” from the school of Paul Delaroche. He tells us about his love of the work of Percier and Fontaine, the chief exponents of the French Empire style of decorative arts and how he applies the lessons from Napoleon’s fall to both his business and political careers.



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