Butte du Lion (The Lions Mound)

Belle Alliance II

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Monument Memorial where Napoleon was defeated in the Battle of Waterloo.
Legend has it that the Lion was cast from the bronze of the weapons the French left behind on the battlefield.
The tungsten lights that form the orange glow are from a highway.
Mont St. Jean / Waterloo, Belgium

The Grey Riding Coat

Imagine how the simple grey redingcote and unadorned black bicorne, with the relatively modest dark green coat of the undress of a mere Colonel of the Chasseurs a Cheval of the Guard, made the Emperor stand out against the gold embroidery and swans feathers of his marshals, or the overblown flamboyance of Murat.
(quote from Ancient Rome Forums)

#10 – The Battle of Marengo

In this episode we explore First Consul Bonaparte’s failed attempts to make peace with the Kings of England and Austria after he took power in 1799 and the subsequent French campaign into Italy to regain the territory lost to the Austrians since Napoleon’s original Italian campaign.

We also cover:


#9 – Domestic Affairs

In 1799, when Napoleon became First Consul of France, he started a series of important domestic reforms which were revolutionary in Europe, many of which survive to this day. In this episode, we depart from Napoleon’s military triumphs and demonstrate a less-appreciated aspect of his career – his genius for domestic affairs.

We talk about:

  • The Code Napoleon
  • The Legion of Honour
  • The Bank of France and the economy
  • Public education
  • The Amnesty for the Emigres
  • and the Concordat with the Catholic Church

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