Napoleon Bonaparte Books

If you, like David and Cameron, have become slightly obsessed with Napoleonic history, you might want to acquire a rang of Napoleon Bonaparte books, DVDs, CDs and other related items to feed your Napoleon habit. So we have pulled together a collection of links to make this process as easy as possible for you.

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napoleon bonaparte tshirt

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In terms of books, we of course recommend you start with David Markham’s excellent books on Napoleon:

Aside from David’s work, there are also a few other classic tomes we recommend:

Recommended DVDs:

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  4. Andrew McD
    Andrew McD at · Reply

    I finished my Napoleon for Dummies book. Highly recommend buying it.

    I look forward to reading more J David Marham books.

  5. halah
    halah at · Reply

    hello, I have come across with 20 to 30 books about napoleon, wars, history,… If you are interested in buying them I will be happy to send you a list of the titles.

    Thank you

  6. aziz labadi
    aziz labadi at · Reply

    dear fellows
    i need to confirm this information i read somewhere’ “the war of napoleon in the middle east to conquer palestine was financed by rotschild”
    thanks in advance

  7. Tony
    Tony at · Reply

    We have a collection of 1,000 works about Napoleon, collectors books, documenst, amps books with prints of Napoleonic Uniforms.
    Anyone interested in this collection can contact me

  8. Tony
    Tony at · Reply

    sorry about he spelling the input font is very small
    documents and maps

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